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The Golden Dragons

Lisa Davis citrine dragons gold grail mysteries sacred blood synesthesia wisdom

The Golden Dragons are a very limited new find from Cristalina, Goiás, Brazil, -- I have only 15 pieces to offer. But my, oh my, they are spectacular!  (Update--as of 1/20/24 there is a new collection up in a video sale here, and more will be released when this sale is sold out. Thank you for loving them as much as I do!)

With their deep citrine core surrounded by the thickest overcoat I have ever seen, they are a sight to behold. Huge druzy zippers and massive dragon scales cover the outside surfaces, and blood red inclusions are found both inside and outside of the points. They evoke a deep inner knowing of ancient mysteries and the holy grail, in a way that is relevant to moving forward in our present time/space reality.

The pieces I am offering were literally rescued form having their jackets pounded off and the cores sold for high quality citrine.  The short video below shows a group of crystals that have been stripped of their skin, so to speak.  To me they appear even more "bloody" than in their natural state. Also-Lemurian lines are clearly visible on some of these pieces.


Dragons, sacred blood, gold, abundance, power, wisdom, castles and cathedrals are all part of the vibration of these crystals, and they are very forthcoming is their ability to connect and share the wisdom they hold. Each dragon scale is a portal, and they are literally covered in them. There is an experience of simultaneous and multidimensional direct knowing that is very hard to put into words, and they seem to convey concepts through synesthesia, a crossing over of the senses. Defying conventional boundaries, they teach surrender and the beauty of the beginners mind to receive more than you ever though possible, as a direct infusion.

There is a physical and measurable relationship within the human body of gold and blood. A person weighing 154 pounds has approximately .2 milligrams of gold in their blood. Gold helps to maintain the integrity of the joints, and facilitates electrical communications within the body. Edgar Cayce suggested that MS (multiple sclerosis) was caused by a lack of proper assimilation of gold within the system. Think a minute about the mycelium, and communication across synapses.  And also the Alta iIluminators lighting up the "mind mist".  If you attended the last live sale where we spoke about this, you will remember that it lit up as gold!  (And by the way🐿--Is anyone else noticing that your Fascia Jasper skulls are wanting gold lately?)

The golden citrine and blood red inclusions in these crystals seems to connect to directly to the bloodstream to convey their messages in a such as way as to go "straight in" to our human bodies.  Similar to the way physical touch is a direct language that need no translation, the message is readily absorbed.and assimilated. 

I hope to have more to share as time goes on. I am sure this in only the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy the video sale, and I am looking forward to hearing what you all experience!

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