Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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Healing Crystals for Your Sacred Path

Welcome to The Lemurian Rose —home of the most beautiful Lemurian seed crystals on the Internet. You’ve found a passionate, one-woman shop run by a person who is head over heels in love with these crystals.  I have exquisite Lemurians of all colors, shapes, and sizes, plus rare and completely natural Lemurian Starseeds with incredible phantoms and stunning clarity. I have a special love for singing crystals, and singing Lemurians are among the treasures you will find as you enjoy browsing the shop!  I also offer a variety of other fine crystals and minerals from around the world.

I work very closely with trusted sources who are my eyes and ears at the mines. My contacts have become  trusted friends, and I am honored to say,  family to me.  I know that my crystals are ethically sourced, and they come straight from the mine to me, hand picked with care.  I have lovingly midwifed and gently awakened each one over several weeks and, in the case of some of the larger pieces, months. My intention is to give these special crystals the best possible start, so they are ready to go out into the world and find their person.

Some Lemurians are healers. Some are keepers of ancient wisdom. Some are storytellers of events from long ago, and some are powerful communicators from the angelic realm. Each Lemurian crystal connects to all others in holographic unity and embodies the divine feminine. They are highly conscious: they know their purpose and they know their people. In helping us to align with our soul’s true purpose and realize our divine mission, these crystals are perfect partners for those of us finding and walking our sacred path. Come find your new best friend.