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New Hydrus Starbrary Crystals- Water in the Woods

Lisa Davis Green Man hydrus podcast Starbrary Water

This blog entry is a companion to the podcast on Spotify, where you can find in-depth information about the metaphysical properties and energy profile of the new Hydrus Starbraries. It has been a wonderful experience to explore and share information about these beauties, I hope you enjoy it!

Please note--The podcast information is specific to this particular find, and not Hydrus in general.


The photos below serve as illustrations for these gorgeous crystals from Serra Do Cabral, Minas Gerais,  Brazil.

Keywords for the metaphysical properties are:

Nexus, The Divine Spark of Creation, The Green Man, The Fourth State of Water (liquid crystal), Vortex, Water in the Woods, Balance, Middle Ground. 

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  • Brenda Friesen on

    Hi I’m looking to make a purchase but I noticed those hydras starbraries, are you going to be doing a video? I would hold off on my other purchase until then so I could combine shipping!

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