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Talks To Sacred Stones — lyra

Starbraries-Part Three-Guest Blog Post

andromeda cassiopeia coronus cygnus draco hydrus leo lyra orion pegasi pleiades sirius ursa minor virgo

Starbraries-Part Three-Guest Blog Post

 Topaz Spirits-- Guest Blog Post  This is part three of a series of articles written by Jan Haerer of Topaz Spirits and re-printed here with her permission (You can read part two here) Jan has extensive experience with many varieties of Starbraries  and her work has been my go-to reference as I have been finding my own way with these crystals. Her channelings and philosophy  resonates with me, and has provided me with a great springboard for further exploration.  Her articles are in depth and so I am dividing them into segments and I will publish them as a series with identifying tags to make...

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