Collection: The Watchers

This collection of  Lemurians was mined November of 2016 and have come to be known as "The Watchers".  This is a name given in 2019 by Alta, when I suggested that maybe these amazing crystals were their babysitters ( Alta was found in a small side pocket of this mine). The correction came immediately, lol. They made it clear they did not need a babysitter! So "The Watchers" gained a name.

I can honestly say they are the most beautiful Lemurians I have ever seen anywhere. The phantoms are three-dimensional, and many look like beautiful snow covered mountains.  There are entire world's within these crystals. There are phantoms within phantoms, beautiful rainbows, and inner crystals that are so clear the only way to really see them is by the rainbows that surround them. Most are quite large, and I add them as they volunteer.

I feel so blessed to have found these crystals (actually, in truth they found me) and to be able to play matchmaker so that they can find their people and get to work. If you have been looking for a crystalline co-creative partner to help you along your sacred path, you can be sure it has been looking for you too.  So if you don't find the right one today, be sure to check back often.  The right one will be here at  exactly the right time!