Collection: Fenster Quartz With Fluid Inclusions

This gorgeous collection of Fenster Quartz has just arrived from Bahia, Brazil and it is amazing!  Fenster is the German word for window, and other names for this type of growth pattern are Window Quartz, Skeletal Quartz, and Elestial Quartz. 

Fenster Quartz is a type of elestial,  but has a specific growth pattern that identifies it. The edges grew more quickly than the rest of the face, creating the appearance of  triangular windows with raised borders.  The liquid inclusions in this collection are most likely salt water.  The silicon dioxide and water solution was boiling as the quartz rapidly formed, and became trapped inside. The bubbles occur when the fluid has cooled and shrunk faster than the quartz, creating an air pocket. Not all fluid inclusions have bubbles, and not all bubbles move, and even fewer bubbles are large and/or have a long range of movement. So we go from rare to rarer to rarest! If you would like to learn more check out this very interesting  blog post.

There is a lot of metaphysical information written about fluid included quartz, which is typically referred  to as enhydro quartz (FYI- True enhydro quartz is a small round chalcedony nodule, a totally different animal. A blog post and IGTV post will be coming soon with more info and also how to spot fakes). My personal experience with the crystals in this collection so far is that they are very much like herkimer diamonds, highly energetic and uplifting. They are also strongly stimulating to the third eye and visioning is enhanced a great deal.  I will write more when I have more time to sit with them.