A New Alta Trinity

A New Alta Trinity

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For full details on the process and properties of all the crystals in the trinity, please enjoy my new podcast on Spotify!  No commercials, no subscription fees.  Just an easier and more spontaneous way for me to share with you! Click the link or the photo to listen.

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A New Trinity

If you have been following me for a while you may remember that Alta loves triangles and that the first trinity formed from Alta, Ra, and The Snow Queens. A second group of 3 formed with the Alta Illuminators, Fascia Jasper, and The Maestros, with the Wayshowers overlighting the grid--not exactly a trinity but closely knit group of three with a distinct purpose and synergy. This latest trinity consists of the White Swan Alta, the Black Swan Alta, and The Pure, and it is the next step in the unfolding awakening of our consciousness. 

White Swan Alta Black Swan Alta


The Black Swans and The White Swans

The Black Swans are a small one time find from Diamantina,Minas Gerais, Brazil in an an area that is no longer accessible for mining. The dark coloring appears to be black chlorite. Alta typically pairs, and these are no exception--they pair very powerfully with the Snow Rose Lemurians. They showed up just as I was preparing to release the White Swans, and I considered waiting for them to arrive so they could all be released together. However, with Alta being the Divas that they are, my guidance was to release only the White Swans at that time, along with their Lily pad companions.

Black Swan Alta 

Side note--In hind sight I now understand very clearly the need to give the White Swans their own sacred space. Their interaction with the seven Leandro Sirius Quartz skulls that came forward for the live sale table that night and the subsequent activation of all Sirius Quartz that took place was an amazing experience that is still unfolding, and has had a strong influence on this new trinity. 

It seems all Sirius Quartz has experienced a further activation and since that evening I have received many messages from skull keepers that their Sirius Quartz skulls they have had for years are literally glowing and are popping new rainbows everywhere.

The day I first laid eyes on the Black Swan Alta they started downloading. Information was pouring in, and they immediately gave the name Black Swan, as well as Midnight Jaguar and Black Pearl.  As it turns out, they are shapeshifters, so all these names apply and I am sure it is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Please enjoy the Podcast for the rest of the details.Black Swan illustration

The Pure

The third member of the trinity, at the apex of the triangle and in the same position as the Snow Queens--The Pure are best understood by listening to my podcast. More information about them will be in an upcoming episode, there is a LOT to share! But in summary, they are Sirius Quartz (confirmed by Leandro)--the starbrary on the face is Vega, and on the sides is Draco (confirmed by Jan Haerer of topazspirits.com) . Jan wrote the guest blog series on my site and I do not know anyone who is more well versed in Strabrary languages than she is!  

The Pure carry the energy of  Mount Kailash , located in Tibet, and considered to be one of the most sacred places on Earth.  The snowcap never melts, and the pristine phantoms in The Pure bear a strong resemblance. It is fairly well accepted that Mount Kailash is not a natural mountain but rather a pyramid of unknown origin, considered to be the central axis of the earth and often called the stairway to heaven, and the bridge between heaven and earth (the White Swans also messaged about the energy of a "stairway to heaven").  

 Sirius over Mount Kailash

sirius over Mount Kailash

This ties in very stongly to the Sirius Quartz energy, as Sirius is often called  "The Rainbow Star" and is also called a bridge,  and sometimes The Rainbow Bridge, between heaven and earth.  The rainbows in Sirius Quartz are actually coded within the crystal, whether you see them or not they are there, and they can pop and become visible in this dimension at any time! Many people have recently reported  that their Sirius Quartz skulls have begun to literally glow and are popping new rainbows since the last activation. The Pure's connection to Mount Kailash and Sirius is beyond a shadow of a doubt, and there are many more aspects that I will be sharing soon.  More connections are pouring in and things are all coming full circle, only to elevate to the next level in the spiral , as usual!

The Pure, Sirius quartzthe Pure, showing Vega starbrary on the iridescent faceThe Pure, with strong phantom

The Pures do have some visible internal rainbows, but what is more remarkable is the beautiful iridescence on the facets, which reveal the coding of Vega star language.  As far as I know, the collection that I have is the only material available that is all natural and unpolished.  I will also have some semi polished available when we have our live sale.

The Pure, showing Draco Stabrary

By the way, I forgot to mention in the podcast that these beautiful beings come from Inimutaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


  • The grid for the new trinity that my sweet friend Jenny has received and gifted to all of you will be available as a digital download, and she will fill us in on the particulars during the live sale. 

Jenny's Grid for the Trinity

  • My dear friend Iris has also made some very special gifts (a surprise!) for this occasion. I will be unboxing them at the live, the wrapping was too pretty for me to disturb! You may remember that Iris has offered very special handmade gifts from her heart for other Alta releases, and these are no exception. Made with love and guided by Alta. I am looking forward to unwrapping them with all of you!
  • The Black Swans pair with the Snow Rose Lemurians, and in typical Alta fashion I have blessed with a great abundance of them.  I will be giving a natural Snow Rose Lemurian as a gift to everyone who purchases a Black Swan Alta at the upcoming Live Sale.

Snow Rose Lemurian

snow rose Lemurian crystal



Miscellaneous supplemental notes: 

  • The Black Swans and the White Swans are not about Yin and yang. The are both complete realities in and of themselves.
  • There is something very special about the number 13 that has been coming up with his trinity in many ways. Please message me if this is happening in your world as well!

The First Trinity


Ra/Blue Tara-pairing

Snow Queen


The Second Trinity

White Swan/Lily Pad-pairing

Black Swan/Snow Rose-pairing

The Pure


Tania Maries channeled message on the Black Swans

From Aster, of The Speakers

Primordial puddles, raw and primal, in pristine synergy with the sustenance of the Cosmos spiral.

Getting closer to the coordinates that will open to the returning light for travelers across stars to soon unite.

The deep is an inverse turned inside out and now recreating where there was doubt.

There’s an access point for the bravest of courage to usurp the courting and dive into the marriage.

This is a black beauty of mystic haunting who is not about the enchantment, but most definitely of the master’s wanting.

Tanias YouTube  channel is Talks With Crystal Skulls



Thank you so much for reading, and for listening!  I plan to keep all the podcasts to about 30 minutes so they are manageable, and continue this format of pictures and other details in the blog. Please let me know how you like this format in the comments below.

The Live Sale is planned to be on the BAND app was usual, and the date will be announced on Instagram and in an upcoming newsletter, it won't be long now, so stay tuned!



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