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Unity Lemurians

For a comprehensive article and video detailing the history of the Unity Lemurians and the related finds from the same pocket, please visit my blog article The New Lemurians-Unities, Dreamcoats and Coras.  This article has been recently updated with lab results that reveal the minerals that contribute to unique characteristics of these beautiful and unusual crystals. 

The Unity Lemurians are an exciting new find from 2019.  I purchased the first material from this mining in November of 2019, and offered to split the lot with another shop owner.  When we had the chance to see these incredible beings in person, we committed to purchase everything that came out of this mining jointly, and we followed the pocket for over a year. This is exactly what the Unity Lemurians teach--cooperation, alignment, manifestation, abundance, and the unity of the whole having a synergy that is so much greater than the sum of it's individual parts. The Lemurian Rose and Soul of Lemuria are the exclusive sources of Unity Lemurians, and each Unity Lemurian from either of our shops comes with a certificate of authenticity.

These beautiful crystals were found a few miles from a Lemurian mine in Cristalina, Goiás, Brazil, near a waterfall. They have a very clear inner core crystal that is enveloped in an outer second growth ''coat".  The top is crowned in amethyst, and the sides have a beautiful golden hue. Such royal colors!  Many exhibit open backs which clearly expose the inner crystal, revealing phantoms and starbraries of the same type as many of the Lemurians you will find here in my shop, which also come from this area. Some, more rarely, have a druzy self healed "zipper". 

What's in a Name?

We chose the name Unity because of the sacred trinity of energies they exhibited. The purple crown chakra energy of amethyst joining with the golden solar plexus energy in the "coat" --and both united by an inner core of gentle and pure white light. The combination invokes unity of personal and Divine will, with the inner guidance to carry this grace forward.

Unity Lemurians are very rare, and were most abundant in the very first material that came out (original purchase, aka mine run 1). Later on, as the crystals in the pocket morphed into what we now call Dreamcoat Lemurians,  we might find one Unity Lemurian in 20 pounds of small Dreamcoats! Through this experience we learned that the Unities are a very specific type of Dreamcoat Lemurian, containing a high grade of goethite and a distinct energy profile. This also explains why I kept hearing the title of the rock opera "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in my head, over and over when I first "met" the Unities!  But as we worked together, we knew that Dreamcoat  was not quite the right name. And later, when what we now call the Dreamcoat Lemurians surfaced, we knew why. 

Metaphysical Properties

The Unities are specialists in helping us to align to our true selves, and then keep up with that expansion. With such a level of alignment, abundance naturally flows. They unite the sacral chakra and the solar plexus with the crown, providing divinely inspired and guided creativity, AND they assist in finishing these creative endeavors all the way to completion. 

They have a very distinctly feminine energy, and to show it off most of them have at least one Isis face.  Many have beautiful red hematite inclusions in their phantoms, adding an element of grounding their heavenly gifts securely on the earth plane.

They self adjust to their keepers needs, and gently help to release blocks to alignment with the true self. We get the impression they are helping us to prepare for a significant energetic upshift, and working with them will be a great help in facilitating a smooth transition.  These are the worker bees, and they will tirelessly work with you for your highest good as you progress along your path.

Stay up to date!

We are learning more every day about these beautiful and wise beings, and as more people receive them and share their experiences our findings are verified and new properties are discovered.  Many people have already shared their experiences, which are saved in my Instagram profile highlights. Feel free to message me to add your own!