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Fascia Jasper--part 1 of 4- New Find!

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Fascia Jasper--part 1 of 4- New Find!

Update 5/7/2023 - It has been 2 years since I first tested and introduced Fascia Jasper and it has taken the crystal community by storm.  Since its debut in 2021 it has been included in Nicholas Pearson's new (2023) book "Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia"  and world renowned Master Carver Leandro De Souza is presently sculpting the second series of Fascia Jasper carvings!  It thrills me no end to see Fascia Jasper be recognized and appreciated by leaders in the crystal community that I admire and respect, and to see it continue to expand into the world through their gifts and talents. Fascia...

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