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Talks To Sacred Stones — update

Updated-Pink Amethyst and Judy' s Jasper (Bahia Jasper)

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Updated-Pink Amethyst and Judy' s Jasper (Bahia Jasper)

A Little Background Updated December 2022-If you have purchased either Pink Amethyst or Judy's Jasper (also commonly known as Bahia Jasper and Eye of the Storm) from me in the past you may remember that I originally listed the mine location on your invoice as Bahia, Brazil. This was based on the original information given to my supplier by his supplier at that time, and is still the commonly accepted information on the internet regarding this material. However........ After many conversations and growing curiosity around this material's location, my suppliers fantastic detective work eventually revealed that the mine for Pink Amethyst and Judy's Jasper (as well as...

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