Collection: Dreamcoat Lemurians

Golden, Orange, and Red Dreamcoat Lemurians

The Dreamcoat Lemurians have been an amazing journey!  Dreamcoat Lemurians are essentially a Lemurian crystal core with a second growth coating of sacred seven, in addition to chlorite, hematite, and rutile.  I purchased the very first material from this pocket (later called the Unity Lemurians)  in November 2019, and offered to split the lot with another shop (Soul of Lemuria).  After seeing them in person we made the commitment to purchase everything that came out of this mining.  We followed this pocket for more than a year, and as it matured the small Unity Lemurian formations began morphing into what we came to call Dreamcoat Lemurians. The crystals grew larger and larger, and the color started changing from golden to orange to a deep red.  Each color has a Lemurian core, an amethyst cap, and a distinct energy profile. In 2021 we were informed that this pocket had been completely mined out, however in 2022 another group surfaced.  For more information on the specific properties of each type of Dreamcoat Lemurian,  please see this  blog article  . 

It should be mentioned here that the Unity Lemurians are a very specialized and rare form of Dreamcoat.  In fact, name "Dreamcoat Lemurian" was the first name that came to me when I started working with the Unities!  They are definitely related, but not the same. The golden color of a Unity is due to very high grade of goethite, while the color of the Dreamcoats is due to various iron bearing minerals and microscopic red and gold rutile.  I had both the Unities and the Dreamcoats lab tested and the results are published in the blog article mentioned above.