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Fascia Jasper Master Carved by Leandro De Souza

Leandro De Souza, of Minas Gerais, Brazil, is widely considered to be the worlds finest master carver. He has a rare gift, developed from an early age, to sense and to liberate the essence of a crystal that is asking to be seen. He is exquisitely sensitive to energy, and works with great love, hand selecting only the finest material for his carvings.  As he works his hands take on a life of their own, informed by the material itself.  His love and sensitivity is infused into the creative process as he and the crystal co-create an art form that best expresses the unique crystalline energies of each piece. 

A Leandro carving is a powerfully energetic piece of fine art, meant to be worked with for the highest good of all sentient beings. Each piece has a unique mission on the planet, and is actively seeking to connect and bond with the perfect co-creative partner. If you are here, you have heard the call. If your perfect Leandro carving is not here, it will be soon!

I am honored to say that The Lemurian Rose is the exclusive source of Leandro De Souza Fascia Jasper carvings in the United States. As an official collaborator and distributor for Leandro's art, I will do my best  to help you have the crystalline companion of your dreams! To that end, payment plans are enabled for everything in the shop. If the parameters do not meet your needs (for example, international purchases), please contact me about alternative arrangements. 

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