Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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About Us

Hello. I’m Lisa, creator of The Lemurian Rose crystal and mineral shop. The Lemurian Rose came into being through a series of remarkable synchronicities. I always wanted to open a rock shop, but I had no idea that it would take this path. So here’s the story of how Lemurians helped me find and follow my bliss.

A Matchmaker’s Story

A few years ago, I was working as a massage therapist and a teacher of crystal classes, and I ordered a pound of small Lemurian  points just to see what all the fuss was about. I was doing my normal clearing and blessing that I do for all stones that join my family, and they were all laying out on a towel to dry. I admired them for a bit and then turned away momentarily. All of a sudden, my heart felt a strong wave of energy, and I heard a lovely high-pitched vibration. I turned back—actually, I was pulled back—around to the crystals, and I said aloud, “Well! Hello there to you too!”

I was floored. I had never had a crystal reach out and touch me like that. I have worked with crystals for many years, but this was different. I was immediately, hopelessly hooked. It was love at first sound. The love, the joy, and the sweet musicality of these little points astonished me. They were so friendly! So obviously happy to make my acquaintance! And yes, when it comes to crystals, flattery will get you everywhere.

I continued my normal rock life: working, teaching crystal classes, buying, selling, and collecting what caught my fancy. One day at a gem show, a favorite supplier asked me, “Do you like Lemurians?” I laughed and said, “I LOVE Lemurians! Do you have any?!” He pointed to a man and said, “He has some gorgeous ones coming in soon. With phantoms.”
My heart skipped a beat. I was at the man’s booth in a flash. I saw pictures from the mine of the pending shipment. They were incredible! Huge, beautiful, completely natural phantom Lemurians! I was in heaven. Lemurians are rare enough, especially natural ones, but phantoms? How could I resist? By the end of the week the most beautiful and soulful crystals that I had ever seen were gracing my studio.

It never ceases to amaze me how these crystals find their people. I was not hunting Lemurians at that show. But obviously, they were hunting me. I’ve learned the hard way in the crystal business that you had better “get while the getting is good.” This was possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity for me: mines close, politics change, and natural disasters occur. When a stone that is already rare becomes available with this quality and with even more rare special features, then you’d better get them while you can. Every time my budget was shot, something happened so that I had exactly what I needed to get more. So, I bought a lot. And, I’m still buying!

It soon became clear which Lemurians were mine and which ones were on their way to other people. As they progressed through their individual midwifing cycles, guidance started coming thick and fast. Synchronicities were everywhere. Songs would drop into my head with lyrics that would confirm everything, just in case I missed it. Ha! Like I said, Lemurians are remarkably musically inclined. They began volunteering to help me in creative ways. Some came to help me teach crystal classes, and they began to find their people that way. I’ve seen more than one person instantly go to tears when they meet “the one.” Sometimes, they just gasp and pull the crystal to their heart. I’ve experienced both reactions myself, and it is very powerful. The bonding and the strong heart resonance is a beautiful thing to see and feel but hard to describe adequately in words. Lemurians are an experience.

Today, I’m a matchmaker.
Each Lemurian has been gently midwifed and rebirthed. They are clear of any trauma from mining or traveling, and energized in nature, as guided by the stones themselves. I lovingly tend to them until the time is right and they are ready to be offered for sale. What a blessing it is to have this as my work! Buyers who join our story receive the blessing of knowing that their Lemurian is absolutely ready to meet them. Your Lemurian is ready to begin working with you.
The intention is set, and the dance is ready to begin. I look forward to sharing these remarkable crystals with you, and I hope that your life is enriched beyond measure by them, as mine has been.

If you would like to read more about my midwifing process and the guiding values for The Lemurian Rose,  please enjoy this blog article.