Collection: Larimar

Larimar is a wonderful throat chakra stone, with a very soothing yet high vibration. It is a favorite of the Altas, and works very well to help integrate their extremely high vibration without becoming dehydrated in the process.

Larimar is a highly spiritual stone, found only in the Domnican Republic. It has a definite ocean vibe to it, and is also called Dolphin Stone and Atlantis Stone. 

This collection of larimar started out as jewelry making material.  Larimar is very hard to work with and fractures easily, so a lot of excellent quality rough ends up in the scrap pile instead of as a finished cabochon, which is one of the reasons larimar jewelry is so expensive. How nice it is to be able to get high quality larimar for tumbles and gridding! and of course, only the best for Alta, lol.