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Unpolished Shungite Sphere

Unpolished Shungite Sphere

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This is an unpolished black Shungite sphere.  It has a matte finish. I really like the unpolished, not only is it less expensive but energetically it is more bang for the buck.  I bought these directly from Russia. Since fakes are rampant, this assures that I have the real deal.  I keep a large sphere  like this in my bedroom to help shield from any stray EMF fields that make it in there after we have shut off the WiFi for the night. The energy of the sphere is much more gentle than that of a pyramid and does not interfere with my sleep.  I take one with me when I travel too, since hotels and such run WiFi 24/7 , and it has been very helpful for me. 
Measures 93mm (3.7”)

Photo is representative, I will choose for you.

Weighs 935 grams  

Stand is not included.

 Keywords— detoxification, purification, emf protection, energy and immune system balancing, grounding

Chakra- root and earth star 

This information is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

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