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Instagram Sale FAQs

 Please message me if I can answer any questions, I will be happy to clarify.


  • Invoices are due within 24 hours of posting.
  • I offer a very generous interest free payment plan with Lay Buy. This option is available at checkout. At the bottom of this page is an overview of the terms. 
  • Paypal Credit is also available for purchases over $100.  This option is 6 months same as cash, as long as paid in full and terms are met. Plus, you get your goodies right away.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your purchases itemized,  I no longer enclose a paper packing slip.


  • I offer free shipping on US orders of $75 or more. Actual shipping charges based on weight are calculated at checkout if you do not have free US shipping.  You can choose any service you like.  I do all my own packing and shipping, so please bear in mind that after a live sale I have many orders to prepare (thank you all so much!), and I pack with love and care. I want your crystals to reach you as soon as possible in perfect condition, and I ship as quickly as possible.
  • I no longer offer an open box policy, but I am happy to hold your order for a week or so to allow for combined shipping on a case by case basis if you leave me a note prior to checkout. Instagram messages are NOT the place to do this---I really need that note attached to your order in the shop. Thank you!  


  • Please use the "notes" section at checkout to communicate with me about your order (for example, if you want the price stickers left on your items). This a great way to insure that your message does not get lost in the crowd and that it is always attached to your order.
  •  If you would like a picture of your order, please take a screenshot of your items during the live sale.  Sending pictures of your purchases slows the shipping process down considerably, and is not fair to everyone else. I am happy to do it for you, I understand that you love those babies! However, in fairness to everyone else,  it will move your order to the very end of the shipping queue (which is usually a week long after a live sale).
  • I appreciate you all very much!  Thank you ♥🍎


Lay-Buy is an interest free layaway plan. There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount for this option.  It is not credit and does not ding your credit report, but you do need a valid credit card (not debit) on your PayPal account for them to process your payments.  There is a small  one time admin fee  that they collect up front (I never see this) and the minimum down payment is is 20%. (you can pay more down if you like). The payments are monthly—you can choose how long— up to 90 days. First payment is 30 days after your down payment, and every 30 days there after. You can pay off your balance any time, I ship when final payment is made.  The Lay Buy option comes up at checkout.  Please be aware that you cannot change your payment date or amount, but you can pay off your balance any time by creating an account here in the shop to manage your orders, and I will ship asap. There is more information about Lay Buy in the footer menu.

If you are considering a purchase over $3000 and and need more than 90 days on your plan please message me.  There is always a way to make it work!