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Live Sale FAQs-Claiming, Payment Plans, Shipping

Live Sales are now on the Band app!

I am so pleased to be able to offer you this much improved experience for live sales.  Use this link to join Band, or scan this QR code 

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Live Sales are a fun and interactive way to purchase crystals, and we have a beautiful community of like minded souls who get together and hang out and/or shop.  A Lemurian Rose Live Sale is a great place to learn about geology as well as metaphysics, share experiences, and of course purchase beautiful and unusual crystals.  Prices in a live sale are generally lower since I do not need to do website photography or write web copy, and they are definitely the place to see the newest finds first! I announce Live Sales on Instagram and in the newsletter, be sure to follow and subscribe (at the bottom right of this page)🌹.


  • Invoices are posted on my website the day after the sale and are due within 24 hours of posting. 
  • To claim an item comment the price and the letter. I will show the item fully before adding its letter.
  • The first claim on my screen wins that item. Band is very good about showing comments to everyone in proper order, btw. 
  • If you decide to put back an item, please do so within the same hour that you claimed it so others who may has missed it have a chance to claim.
  • The person who claims an item is responsible for paying the invoice and providing shipping details at checkout. *

*If you are claiming for someone else, please work this out between yourselves outside of the Live Sale. It is much more complicated that it seems to swap claims  during the live. Please know how much it warms my heart that you are all so kind and good to each other! This guideline is a necessary survival skill for me to keep things running smoothy. Thank you.

⬆UPDATE to the above⬆-In keeping with the spirit of our group, if you would like to withdraw your claim in order to help someone who came in right behind you that is just fine, and thank you for your kindness.  To keep the flow of the sale, please do it immediately, before the crystal has been wrapped and added to your box.


  • Invoices are due within 24 hours of posting
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your purchases itemized,  I no longer enclose a paper packing slip. Please make sure is added to your safe list!
  •  Financing is available at checkout through Shop Pay.  You can choose 4 interest-free payments or monthly installments (interest bearing). 
  • Please see Shop Pay Installments FAQ for payment plan information.
  • Alternate payment plan options are available. Please contact me for details if Shop Pay does not meet your needs.


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Any purchase through Shop Pay is CARBON NEUTRAL, in cooperation with WeForest. 


  • Shipping charges based on weight and distance are calculated at checkout. You may choose from a variety of options.  I do all my own packing and shipping, so please bear in mind that after a live sale I have many orders to prepare (thank you all so much!), and I pack with love and care.  I want your crystals to reach you as soon as possible in perfect condition. I ship as quickly as possible, in order of payment received.
  • Shipping insurance is .89 per $100 for domestic shipments and 1.29 per $100 for international. I ship everything fully insured. At present I am absorbing this cost for you as a courtesy, unless you are on a special payment plan. 
  • All  domestic shipments made through my shop are CARBON NEUTRAL. The amount of carbon for each shipment is calculated by Shopify, and then carbon offsets are purchased from Grassroots to make the shipment carbon neutral. 
  • Open Boxes are available by request via a note on your order at checkout. This is a must! I need the note attached to your order so I am sure to see it. (For subsequent additions to your open box, a little note like "please add to open box" is extremely helpful to me, because I can see right away that the order does not belong in the shipping queue). I will keep your box open until you request it to be closed, also via a note at checkout on your final order. Your first order for an open box requires paid shipping. Please message me for a code to waive shipping if you are actively adding to your box, this saves us both time and money. Thank you for choosing this earth friendly option!


  • Please use the "notes"  section at checkout to communicate with me about your order (for example, if you want the price stickers left on your items). This a great way to insure that your message does not get lost in the crowd and that it is always attached to your order.
  •  If you would like a picture of your order, please take a screenshot of your items during the live sale or on the replay.
  • I appreciate you all very much!  Thank you.