Collection: Morganite Master Carved by Leandro De Souza

Incredible gem quality morganite Magical Child lovingly carved in Brazil by world renowned Master Carver Leandro De Souza. When possible this collection has been filmed in natural sunlight a well as studio lighting to show color variation as accurately as possible. I did not use any filters or alter these photographs in any way. It is beautiful in all conditions! 

Morganite is a pink beryl and resonates with the heart and high heart chakras. It is an emotionally soothing stone of love and compassion, said to be especially beneficial to women to assist in recognizing the strength and beauty within themselves. It is an angelic stone, and assists connection to ones inner wisdom via the heart chakra; accessing love for self as well as love for others. 

As an official collaborator and distributor for Leandro's art, I will do my best  to help you have the crystalline companion of your dreams! To that end, payment plans are enabled for everything in the shop. If the parameters do not meet your needs (for example, international purchases), please contact me about alternative arrangements.

Mine Location-Galileia, Coronel Murta, Araçuai, Brazil