Grape Agate-Grape Agate Specimen-The Lemurian Rose

Grape Agate

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New find from India!  Grape agate gives you an immediate and deeply peaceful state of heart and mind as soon as you connect with it.  This has been my new favorite meditation and sleeping stone since I brought it home. It is sitting in front of me as I write, and Oooooooh does it feel nice.

Here is what Judy Hall has to say about Grape Agate , which actually is not a true agate, it is a boytroidal Chalcedoney.  Not to split hairs, but I like accuracy.  So when she refers to it a Grape Chalcedony, just know that the terms are interchangeable in common use.

Composed of tiny spheres naturally bonded together, comforting Grape Chalcedony is perfect for creating a peaceful community. This tranquil stone has a gentleness within its somewhat spiky exterior that assists you in letting down your defences and opening your heart to peaceful cooperation. It draws together like-minded people who work for the good of the planet and who may need mutual support in challenging times. It reminds you that, even when you seem to be totally alone, there is always support available from the spiritual realms. A stone of inspiration that encourages trust, Grape Chalcedony facilitates finding your karmic strengths.

Brain and brain chemistry; ameliorates panic attacks, bi-polar or anxiety.

I hand picked this piece from a beautiful collection. It has a very soft, flowing, peaceful energy, wonderful druze and very nice color.

Measures 3.46 x 2.02 x 1.40 inches. Weighs 125 grams.





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