Collection: Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love in all its forms. You just cannot go wrong with rose quartz. Rose quartz is safe even in a babies room, it is so gentle and sweet.  True rose quartz  is a very common quartz, as opposed to  the crystalline variety  called pink quartz, which is very rare.  Rose quartz is never found in crystalline form, and its color is still an unexplained miracle of geology.  There are many theories out there, but if you dig deeply enough you will find that just like true love, the color of rose quartz is a mystery.  The best theory so far is microscopic needles of a fibrous mineral related to dumortierite shot out of the matrix (just like cupids arrows!) as the quartz cooled in the earth causing the unique texture and lovely color.  

I think it is best to let the magic of rose quartz be as it is, love is not something to be explained and examined.  How wonderful that this is such an abundant crystal, found all over the world, and easily affordable.  Coincidence?  I think not.