Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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Pink Lemurians

The term "Pink Lemurian" is prone to a bit of confusion, so I would like to clarify how I classify them personally.  Many Lemurians are dichroic, meaning the color appears to change based on the lighting or angle the crystal is viewed from. What I consider a true pink Lemurian is a Lemurian that is dichroic,  either pinkish or clear (or sometimes  a light smoky) depending on viewing conditions. While there may sometimes be pink hematite present on the outside, the color actually permeates the entire crystal. Many of these will appear to be clear, until they are side by side with a true clear or white Lemurian. They have an exceptionally strong heart centered vibration, very nurturing and very, very, sweet.  As an example, The Watchers are all true pink Lemurians.

PInk Scarlet Temples are also pink Lemurians, but the color is caused by a pink hematite layer on the outside of a clear crystal, rather than being a part of the makeup of the crystal itself. They are not dichroic, and the energy is quite different.  They lean more toward joy aspect of heart energy.  They feel a bit more energizing, and a bit more grounding. They also carry a sweet vibration, but not as intense as the true pinks. 

Since the term "Pink Lemurian" means different things to different people, I have placed both types in this collection.