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Mosaic Chalcedony Flash sale


 *Adding a crystal to your cart does not hold it, only successful payment will take it out of inventory.

*A video sale on the website is treated like any other web purchase, to reach free shipping you must have a single order that meets the threshold of $75.

*If you make multiple separate purchases to quickly secure the crystals you want, please know that you will be paying shipping on each purchase, even if I combine them.  It is too time consuming and costly for me to issue refunds with the type of volume that a video sale generates, and it slows down the shipping process for everyone.

*If you have already reached free shipping and want to add to your order, for example later in the day or the following day, please message me for a code that will waive further shipping charges. 

Thank you!

How to Purchase and Navigation Tips 

1. Use the full screen option, located in the lower right hand corner, to show the scroll bar at the bottom of the video.  While there is a lot of interesting information sprinkled in each video, this allows you to quickly navigate to what is calling you, as I try to give a scan and an overview of structure at the beginning of the first video. 

2. The individual crystals are listed below the videos. You can use the search or sort function for quicker navigation. Out of stock items are automatically pushed to the bottom every night. 

3. Add your choices to your cart, along with anything else that calls to you, and check out! Payment plans are available at checkout, and I offer free shipping at $75.