Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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Originally released as "Burning Heart Alta" due to their fiery energy and the ability to move energy up from the solar plexus into the heart and ignite the sacred fire of the burning heart-- the true name of these crystals is now fully known (thank you @sub.rosa.rising!). These are the "Ra" in "Alta-Ra".  They are the reason Alta always showed themselves as orange and craved citrine. They are the reason Alta gave the name "Alta-Ra".  It just took time on the human side of things for the Ra to surface and for us to fully grasp the significance of all those early downloads.

Alta really could not have made it any clearer--these crystals are literally their other half. And just as Alta pairs with Larimar, the Ra pair with Blue Tara.  Each Ra comes with a Blue Tara point as a companion. Combined with the Snow Queens (a very different but related version of Alta),  Alta and Ra create a trinity.  "We are Alta, we are One" has never had so much meaning as it does now. 

Alta and Ra are one, as is the trinity. There are no clear lines, all are one. Each individual has its own distinct energy signature that contributes to and also contains the whole in holographic unity. 

The classic Ra is a light citrine with a tangerine coating and white Alta style phantoms. A little further down the pocket we found darker citrine, and a few of these have smoky phantoms, white phantoms, or both! (The darker citrine Ra will be offered in a future collection). Ra came from the same region that Alta came from,and like Alta they are not large crystals, for the most part. This showing is composed of the largest remaining pieces.

 I hope you enjoy this beautiful collection!

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