Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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Shungite is a powerful grounding stone. Many find it to be soothing and protective, some find it to be cathartic. It is composed mainly of carbon, and contains a particular molecular structure called fullerenes,  discovered by Buckminster Fuller, also called Bucky Balls. This structure seems to be what gives Shungite its unique properties of water purification and EMF protection, both of which have been scientifically measured and tested. There are 3 main grades of Shungite, I carry two of them.  

1. Black Shungite can be polished, tumbled, and carved into shapes.  It is NOT safe to put in water  as it contains other potentially toxic minerals. It is more common and less expensive than the Elite Shungite, and is easily made into jewelry  


2. Elite Shungite is very pure, much more rare, and therefore more expensive than the black variety. It is silver, shiny, and very brittle. It contains a higher concentration of fullerenes , and a little goes a long way!  


PLEASE NOTE!!- Only ELITE Shungite is considered safe to put in water.  Please wash  prior to using.