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White Swan Alta/Lily Pad Quartz

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White Swan Alta point


UPDATE 2/12/24-The White Swans are part of a new trinity! Please see the next blog "A New Alta Trinity" for the latest details.

The Alta magic continues! The White Swan Alta surfaced in June of 2023, in Itacambira,in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. They come from the same area and the new find of Blue Tara from that region, and often resemble White Tara in appearance, but with a distinctly different energy profile.

They made it clear very early on that they had a particular gift of support to share while we are experiencing strong and deeply held emotions, and were especially helpful for grief work. They offer the gift of serenity and perspective, and a coming back to ones' self after a traumatic experience or loss. 

I had initially planned to release the White Swans in December of 2023--it felt right and I was glad to have the time to let them unfold and show their gifts. However, as usual, I make plans and Alta laughs. When Altara (new find Alta from Gentio Do Ouro, Bahia, Brazil) burst upon the scene  and would not wait, December became spoken for!  While the Altara are a subject for an other blog on another day, suffice to say that Alta knows when and where to surface for the highest good of the collective, and I know better than to argue with their timing, lol.  I follow guidance as it is given and that comes piece by piece, not in a neat and tidy schedule. (Btw-Altara is offered here).

A Little Background

When Alta first came to me in 2019 they were a small, isolated one time find. Surprisingly though, over time, they have infused themselves and their wisdom into several other groups of crystals.  Alta is an energy,  and much like Lemurian crystals that were once thought to only come from one location and look a certain way, Alta has surfaced is a variety of locations, but always with a distinctive energy signature and a basic similarity in appearance.  I am currently working on a chart and a map to show the various Alta locations and influences  to date, with list of properties and characteristics. This has proven to be a much bigger task than I thought! It will probably always be a work in progress, but it will come in right timing.

It is interesting that the Snow Rose Lemurians also surfaced this year--and were also in a big hurry to get out to their people. The Snow Roses have a definite Alta influence and showed swan energy as well, and as I look back at the info sessions, I see that the White Swans were sharing the table with them at the time!  Now I understand why they wanted to be on that table-- the Snow Roses actually pair with a second crystal in this Alta trinity, The Black Swans.  Again, the Snow Roses are another blog for another day, but they are wonderful companions for trauma healing and offer great mental clarity and stability in times of distress. I will be offering another group in the future, they sell out quickly but I am well stocked.

 swan on the water with reflection

Metaphysical Properties of The White Swans

Swans are very large and powerful birds that mate for life.They know about love, loss, and mourning.  The symbolism of swans is all about balance, grace, serenity, and cycles. This is where our true power lies. When we are able  to rise and fall with the waves, rather than get swept away, we begin to come into our healing and see a way forward through dark times. The White Swan Alta offer and hold that vibration for us, so that we can connect to it and find peace. 

Some of the White Swans have tourmaline inclusions (blast from the past--remember The Snow Queens?) which  contributes lithium to the chemistry and offers wonderful heart healing and transmutation energies. There are many double terminated pieces which plays heavily into their way of working, and even a few beautiful golden citrine--"Golden Swans"--to remind us of the joy that can still be found in the midst of a dark night of the soul.

Like all Alta the White Swans love to play with numbers, their favorite are ones and fours. The initial release will be a live sale on Band on 1/14/24, at 4:44 pm, per their request.  The table was set up on the 1/11 portal, and on that day a group of seven Sirius quartz Leandro De Souza skulls came forward to assist . As of this writing they are all on the table together, awaiting the live sale.The sacredness and enrichment they have offered is truly next level. The energy of the table is a meeting of heaven and earth, and a beautiful Leandro Gaia is holding the center. 

Once the table was set and shared on social media I received a message from a very tuned in skull keeper who noticed that there seems to be an activation happening with the Leandro Sirius Quartz skulls (You can see this magical  table on Instagram ). This is a brand new development, and I am looking forward to more feedback from others as this unfolds! 

 lily pad quartz, clear point with green inclusions

The Deeper Dive

It is an understatement to say that grief and strong emotions can be overwhelming. And until we come back in to alignment and begin integrate the changes in our lives and see things from a different vantage point, it seems impossible to move forward. Once we arrive at a quiet acceptance, some may choose to dive deeper into the feelings. There is treasure at the bottom, if we can be with those uncomfortable feelings and allow them their space without judgment or resistance.  Not everyone will choose this path, and there is no right or wrong--no one way to travel this road, but for those who choose to dive deeper the White Swans have a companion for this journey, a new find from the same area, The Lily Pad Quartz. 

Just as swans and lily pads coexist in the same environment and mutually benefit each other within their ecosystem, these two crystals that are found together in the same mining area do the same. 

The Serenity Prayer of Saint Francis has been running through my mind lately;

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (the swans)

The courage to change the things I can,(taking the dive)

And the wisdom to know the difference.(the blossom of the lotus)

It seems befitting. 

Metaphysical Properties of The Lily Pad Quartz 

The Lily Pad Quartz are clear points that have lovely little chlorite group inclusions that were formed in rapidly growing late stages of the crystal.  I had these lab tested for all colored inclusions. The green inclusions are chlorite group minerals, the red and yellow are iron. Since they were from an area known for tourmaline inclusions lithium seemed like a possibility to me so I requested that testing as well, but there is no lithium in the Lily Pad Quartz. 

The Lily Pads are a wonderfully earthy crystal, full of nature spirit energy and a rich connection to Mother Earth (Terra/Tara) and her waters.  Like the Black Tara from this area, they connect to fresh water rather than salt water.  However, while the Black Tara explores the bottom and the weaving of the golden threads we find there, the Lily Pads help us to navigate the journey from the surface to the depths, and to find our way back again. From the floating leaves on the surface, the long stems reach down and anchor themselves firmly in the mud below, and draw up nutrients (with the gift of fertilizer from the swans) that then  travel back up the stem to the surface to meet the light and support new growth and blossoming. I cannot think of a better metaphor than that for healing deep emotion, or a better guide for navigating deep waters. Imagine a life ring, offered to a person struggling and exhausted. The support, and the line of connection to safe space is truly a godsend. 

How to Work WithThe White Swans and the Lily Pads 

The Lily Pads and the White Swans work together to offer stability, peace, and guidance while navigating this difficult path. Typically Alta likes to pair with other crystals, and some types actually require a companion to balance their energies to they are accessible to us.

In this case, neither of these crystals require a pairing, they are complete and accessible on their own. However, they have a wonderful affinity for each other and complement each other perfectly for their mission, and it is no accident that they are found so close together.

 There are many double terminated White Swans, and this is a very helpful energy to have as we travel in both directions, in and out of the depths, up and down the stem of the lily pad. From the surface to the mud and back to the surface again, a natural cycle is restored. To be able to ossicilate back and forth and not remain stuck in the muck is a real blessing.  To fully honor the fact that in this moment we are in pain, but like all cycles in nature there is ebb and flow and this is a natural part of any process. This is the teaching and the function of the White Swans and the Lily Pads. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Simply to keep the crystals in your presence is very helpful, either on your person or nearby.
  • If you are able to meditate with them so much the better.
  • If you journal or make art, keep them close by for inspiration, comfort, and guidance.
  • A grid is extremely helpful, and to include Blue and Black Tara from this same region rounds out the energy is a very complementary and balanced way.
  • Let you intuition guide you as you move along, your path and your timing are all your own. There is no one way this should look. Be gentle with yourself.

You are worthy of compassion, understanding, and healing--from yourself and from others.  Crystals are wonderful companions and support on our life's journey,  just as our loved ones and healing professionals are. There are times when you reach for a crystal, and there are times when you reach out to others for support. And times when you do both! One is not a substitute for the other, they are all part of the vast support network that we have, both seen and unseen. 

In Summary

I have found that the Lily Pads are helpful in general for maintaining focus and staying in a healthy cycle, whether I am navigating emotional waters or simply living a day to day life with many distractions and 5 million things to do! I am easily distracted (oh look, a chicken!) by shiny objects and squirrels, lol. In my experience the same energy applies, they offer a  tether, a stem, a line of continuity and an honoring of the cyclic nature of life. 

The White Swans offer peace and strong sheltering wings to keep it place. They also are very helpful in reminding us of the natural cycles of life and maintaining balance.  They seem to have work to do with Sirius Quartz, and I believe this will become another Alta trinity.  Alta has always loved triangles, and this would be the third trinity they have formed.  We shall see! 

It has been an honor to offer these crystals to you.

Blessings to you on your journey, wherever you are and wherever you may go.

One Last Note:

The Lily Pads have been sporadically offered on the market during the later part of 2023 under various names, typically (and erroneously) called Seraphinite in quartz. According to my supplier, who has the rights to this mine and pays his miners a fair wage, they were previously taken without permission from rubble piles in areas of Blue Tara mining, and the miners were paid miniscule amounts. They were then re-sold to secondary suppliers at a huge profit, and of course this price was passed along to the shops that bought and imported them. This situation should be remedied now, and we can be more certain that fair trade and good ethics are in place. 





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