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Growth Interference Quartz- Unstoppable!

Lisa Davis confidence empowerment growth interference quartz shift quartz

Game on!

There is a lot written about the properties of growth interference quartz, and a quick internet search will give you a fairly consistent overview. Most of them mention that is assists with getting to the root of a blockage, how to shift our attitude to move forward, and assistance cultivating patience and persistence. What I want to share with you here are my impressions from the specific group I have available right now with an extra special punch!

growth interference quartz

What is Growth Interference Quartz?

Growth Interference quartz, also called "shift quartz",  is quartz that has grown along with another mineral, usually calcite or anhydrite. That mineral has usually completely dissolved, and left amazing geometric patterns in the quartz.  It looks like someone got creative with a band saw, leaving deep grooves and unusual formations. 

growth interference quartz

What makes these so special?

This particular group of crystals comes from the famous Tomás Gonzaga mine in Curvelo, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  Judging from the physical imprints as well as the energetic profile,  I am fairly certain that in late formation the mineral that caused the growth interference patterns was anhydrite and not calcite.

My first impression of these crystals was that they are  a very joyful and enthusiastic bunch! They are all about moving forward in joy and eagerness, but at the same time they feel very calm and grounded. I believe this groundedness comes from influence of anhydrite. The enthusiasm feels like the thrill of alignment and connection to our higher self, also a property of anhydrite. 

growth interference quartz

As soon as I started midwifing these crystals  they dropped a song into my head, and all you have to do is listen to it and you will understand the energy profile immediately and forever. I cannot paste the link here, my apologies!  But if you are so inclined, check out Sia on You Tube "Unstoppable"

"I'm unstoppableI'm a Porsche with no brakesI'm invincibleYeah, I win every single gameI'm so powerfulI don't need batteries to playI'm so confidentYeah, I'm unstoppable today"


These crystals speak of honoring the past by accepting where you are at any given moment and appreciating your resilience. That in and of itself is incredibly empowering.  They are a testament to strength and perseverance, not in an arduous way, but in a a celebratory way.  Simply following the path and using your "scars" as a springboard to greater and greater joy.  Many of the patterns are upward moving spirals, and this is definitely not a coincidence!

The message is simple and straight forward. And very buoyant! I hope you have the opportunity to experience these wonderful beings, and I look forward to your feedback as they go out into the world.

Thank you for reading!



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