Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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All my available Ancients are listed here in video format. There are 3 videos organized by price to break it down a bit and to help with upload times on my end. To purchase please find the corresponding item below to add to your cart.  

Ancient Scriptured Lemurians are also referred to as Ancient "Etched" Lemurians, due to the etchings left by growth interference from calcite. At the mine they call them "scriptures" which, in my opinion, is a very appropriate term , and I prefer it because they are not technically etched, from a geological point of view. These Lemurians are extremely high vibration, and highly conscious. They are very sought after by light workers, healers, and crystal lovers committed to their spiritual path. 

The Ancients know all about time, and Divine timing. They are also very musical, and if you read music the relationship they have to timing and time signatures will not be lost on you.  They are here to help us heal from within, so we can carry that healing forward to gather momentum extend to wherever it is needed. 

The Ancients are a late 2020 early 2021 find from Diamantina, Brazil.  The mine is closed to heavy equipment now as it is on protected land, so the Ancients are only available sporadically as old stock is found and released. They tend to be quite large, so I am very happy to have smaller sized ones to offer!