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Fascia Jasper Skulls and Aliens-The Black Collection

Items will be available for purchase on 9/8/22 at 2pm Eastern time. 

These are the remaining skulls along with two aliens from The Black Collection. 

If you would like to see available  skulls, spheres, and hearts from The Red Collection you can find them in this video sale.

Fascia Jasper is a new find from Pilão Arcado, Bahia, Brazil which surfaced in June 2021.  It is a jasper and agate conglomerate, which lab testing  also reveals to be a pseudomorph of quartz after calcite. For more information please see my blog articles:  "New Find! Fascia Jasper"

 "Fascia Jasper-- Part 2"

"Fascia Jasper News--part 3" and

 "Fascia Jasper --part 4"

To see what others are saying about this highly conscious and adaptogenic material, please see my  Instagram highlights 1 Fascia Jasper  and 2 Fascia Jasper, and feel free to message me with your own experience a well!   Of course, nothing on this website or Instagram  is a substitute for timely and proper medical care.  My full disclaimer is here.


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