Fascia Jasper--part 1 of 4- New Find!

Fascia Jasper--part 1 of 4- New Find!

Update 5/7/2023 - It has been 2 years since I first tested and introduced Fascia Jasper and it has taken the crystal community by storm.  Since its debut in 2021 it has been included in Nicholas Pearson's new (2023) book "Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia"  and world renowned Master Carver Leandro De Souza is presently sculpting the second series of Fascia Jasper carvings!  It thrills me no end to see Fascia Jasper be recognized and appreciated by leaders in the crystal community that I admire and respect, and to see it continue to expand into the world through their gifts and talents. Fascia Jasper speaks for itself and it knows what it is doing.  I feel like a proud mother and I stand in awe and appreciation of the miracles that have brought all this about. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this journey, the best is yet to come!


Part 1

This beautiful material has been lab tested and is a pseudomorph of quartz after calcite. A pseudomorph occurs when one mineral has replaced another, retaining the structure of the original mineral.

This material surfaced for the first time Pilão Arcado, Bahia, Brazil in 2019.  There was no interest in it at the time, and in June 2021 my supplier sent me a piece asking me if I knew what it was. I did not, but I thought it was really cool and I sent it off for testing--it was so unusual!  It was not very colorful, but the structure was unlike anything I had seen before.  When I saw how beautifully it polished up I was very pleasantly surprised, to say the least, and I committed to buy the entire find.  

I would classify the majority of the this find as a type of jasper, with chalcedony and druzy pockets. Jasper is a microcrystalline quartz (no obvious crystalline structure) , and by definition it is opaque.  This material is formed in large nodules, some of which are geodes. The geodes are more rare, and the material that comes from them is a blend of agate and jasper, with a different type of patterning and more macro crystalline (visible crystals) structures. The agate blend also tends to have larger druzy pockets. 

facia jasper nodule

Fascia Jasper Nodules awaiting cutting and polishing


I have spent a good bit of time with these crystals, and I can definitely say they are very potent!  I would not start off sleeping with them, personally, as they are strongly detoxifying and do not promote sleep, at least not for me. I learned this the hard way, lol. I do not typically expound on the physical healing properties of crystals, and of course, no crystal should take the place of professional medical care. But my experience with this crystal has been very powerful, and I would like to share it as a spring board for you as you gather your own experiences. 

I named Fascia Jasper after  the connective tissue in the body called fascia ( you can learn all about fascia here). Fascia covers every organ, every cell, and also runs in long sheets vertically and horizontally throughout the body. You can touch your toe and be connected to the top of your head by following the fascia. Fascia  has memory , it can store trauma, and it registers pain.  It can develop scar tissue, affecting the mobility of the tissues and organs it supports. It is a fantastic conductor of energy.  As a body worker for 18 years I have come to know fascia very intimately.  The way this crystal interfaces with the energy of the fascia  is nothing short of miraculous to me. 

There are two types of structure in fascia , organized and reticular. There are also two types of formations of Facia Jasper, and they visually mirror these two types of fascia ! The reticular type is net like, a seemingly random structure, and is designed to stretch in all directions. It surrounds and supports our organs.

reticular facia jasper sphere

 Close up of a "reticular" Fascia Jasper sphere

 The organized type is more linear, think tendons and ligaments. The resemblance of Fascia Jasper to these two types of structure is uncanny, and right away I saw it as a billboard for its properties. It dropped the phrase "endless web" in to my head, which is actually the title of a book about, you guessed it, fascia. It also speaks of "continuous, and continuum". The empty spaces are just as important, and when I shared some pictures with a friend they dropped the word "vacuity". There is so much going on here! 

"organized" facia jasper sphere

 Close up of an "organized" Fascia  Jasper sphere

Fascia  is all about interconnectedness, cleansing, support, and conductivity, and those are strong properties of this crystal as well. The cleansing aspects of calcite are retained in the structure of Fascia Jasper, and amplified significantly by the quartz.  Calcite is  a great stone for psychic development, and I found that Fascia Jasper stimulated visions during meditation, amplifying them and helping to retain memory of them. Again, memory is another property of fascia. And another corresponding area in the body, the pineal gland which is directly behind the third eye, is a crystalline structure in the body.  The connections just keep going on and on. 

 Fascia Jasper has been a wonderful asset to me for dealing with muscular issues. Calcite is said to be helpful for muscles and bones, and in this case the property is amplified due to the geological process of the structure (calcite) being dissolved and then replaced with an even stronger mineral (quartz).

We have been moving into a new home, and when my back got stiff and uncomfortable, it seemed no amount of stretching and my normal methods were helping. I took a sphere of Fascia Jasper into the tub with me to meditate, and when I got out my back spontaneously adjusted. In the morning my hip pain was completely gone. This has happened twice in a row, so now I keep a sphere by the tub in a permanent spot. The water amplifies the conductivity even more, and it is not necessary to place the crystal in any specific location on the body.  Restrictions are released within the balance of the entire energy field.  

This is also  a wonderful stone for scrying.  Not only is it stimulating to the third eye, it is stimulating visually in everyday reality.  Gazing at a piece will show totems, guides, and all kinds of interesting labyrinth patterns. 

Fascia  jasper is a workhorse, and it asks us to get out of our head and into our body. To really feel deeply into the fascia , and the innate healing wisdom of the body. Feel deeply and listen even more deeply. It is balancing, cleansing, detoxifying, and clarifying. 

 One last interesting correlation, the rough material has a capillary action of sorts, it rapidly absorbs water! One more connection to the fascia, bringing balance, hydration, and nourishment to the tissues and organs of the body. 

Please see Fascia Jasper Part 2 for the next blog in this series.

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Beautiful find! I find this new jasper fascinating. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

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