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Video Sales

Video sales are offered as an alternative to live sales or to honor special requests. I usually add several collections each month.

Here is a quick video explaining the details!



Below is a description of each type of video sale I presently offer, and some guidelines for navigating the process. 

  • Flash Sales are items that I offer as I am called. 
  • Special Showings  are how I honor requests. For example, if someone would like to choose a crystal in a certain price range or of a specific type, I offer a collection for them to choose from, and then the rest are made available in the shop under this heading. Special Showing collections are made available as I have time, so patience is a virtue!  But they are well worth the wait. 
  • Encore! Sales -Many people have difficulty claiming in a live sale, are taking a social media break, have scheduling issues, etc.  and cannot participate in a live sale, To meet this need I sometimes offer a collection after the live sale is wrapped up.  I offer these on a case by case basis, time and inventory permitting. 


How to Purchase and Navigation Tips 

1. Use the full screen option, located in the lower right hand corner, to show the scroll bar at the bottom of the video.  While there is a lot of interesting information sprinkled in each video, this allows you to quickly navigate to what is calling you, as I try to give a scan and an overview of structure at the beginning of the first video. 

2. The individual crystals are listed BELOW the videos. 

3. Add your choices to your cart, along with anything else that calls to you, and check out! Payment plans are available at checkout.

4. Shipping is calculated at checkout based on item weight and distance.  To soften that impact I am paying for your shipping insurance.  If you are outside the US kindly note that customs and import fees are not included in your shipping costs, and are your responsibility. 



 Adding a crystal to your cart does not hold it, only successful payment will take it out of inventory. However-- If you make multiple separate purchases to quickly secure the crystals you want, please know that you will be paying shipping on each purchase, even if I combine them. The extra weight of a separate purchase usually increases the total cost of your package, it is time consuming and costly for me to issue refunds, and it slows down the shipping process for everyone.  Thank you for understanding. 

Please note: The above only applies to multiple consecutive purchases that are a few minutes apart!  Orders places over separate sessions that have not been shipped yet will always be combined, and I will refund excess charges once I have a final shipping cost on our order.