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Fascia Jasper--part 3--Are you sitting down?

Lisa Davis alta amethyst fascia jasper

This blog should actually be part 5, I still have have two others in process!  But this one could not wait. So much is happening so quickly, and each new development is so big. However, just like Alta, when we "get it" more information quickly follows, and even the biggest news is passé in a matter of days! If you have not read New Find! Fascia Jasper part 1 and Fascia Jasper part 2,  you will find much more in depth history and detail there. 

While this news I have to share is not a download, it is nonetheless incredibly exciting. And it completely falls in line with the direction Fascia Jasper is leading us. A new collection of Fascia Jasper, that I am referring to as "The Amethyst  Collection" was birthed and is on its way! I think it is fascinating how, of all the nodules that could have been chosen, this material has unfolded in such a consistent and evolutionarily way. Here is a recap that leads up to what's to come!

 red Fascia Jasper

How It Began-The Red Collection

We started our journey with Fascia Jasper with what I have come to call "The Red Collection". While we knew immediately it was a great third eye activator (plus it was making that clear by showing us triangles and eyes everywhere, again very similar to the consciousness of Alta)  our collective experiences with it centered on very physical issues. The Red Collection starts out with a strong wood element connection, very connected to the liver meridian and to the blood. Then the mushroom connection literally blossomed!  We learned of  interconnectivity and how the mycelium was a model  for the vast communication that Fascia jasper exhibits. We connect and we receive what we are capable of, and as we use it it uploads to the collective for the benefit of all.  Again, this is very similar to how the consciousness of Alta functions. They learn from our embodied experience how to best help us, and become more adept at resonating with us and our evolving needs as time goes on.

The Red Collection has two distinct types of material, with a few light colored  "specialty pieces" thrown in the mix.  We have the  reticular formation of the original group, and the more agatized/banded formation of the later group, which relates quite a bit to the large and small intestine meridians. 

black fascia jasper

Where We Are Now-The Black Collection

Next came the rough, with beautiful dark , bold patterns and very little red. Then this last group of polished shapes arrived, and WOW.  All dark and bold,  also with some interesting light colored specialty pieces, like the tumbled piece below. 

light variation-fascia jasper

There is still so much to learn about "The Black Collection"!  But the consciousness and adaptogenic aspect is multiplied many times over.  DNA upgrade and repair has been mentioned by several people, as well as a strong affinity with neuroplasticity. As more experiences are shared they will be added to my highlights on  my Instagram bio (There are direct links at the bottom of this article). The material has made itself available in exactly the way it needed to in order to build us up gradually and lay a strong grounded foundation for what is to come. And yes, there is more to come! 

The picture below is a sphere that arrived with The Black Collection. The new material that is coming is all towers.

 Fascia Jasper with amethyst

And Coming Soon-The Amethyst Collection!

Here is a little story for you, filled with intrigue, lol:

"The Amethyst Collection"

In  early June 2022 (exactly one year since I had the first nodule tested) I received a message from my supplier. Some of the first material from what is now called The Black Collection had come from the cutter, and he had found inclusions of amethyst! It was SO exciting to see this inclusion-- especially since we had just purchased a large amount of rough materialLiterally at the very moment he was sharing this news with me he received a message from the mine. They had just opened a huge nodule full of amethyst. They wanted to sell it but the price was very high,  and since we had just purchased such an enormous amount this was not feasible. So the agreement was made that they would take it to the cutter and we would be given first refusal when it was ready. 

In the meantime--the new material from the black collection was shipped and as I was preparing for the live sale I found about seven pieces that contained some amethyst. I pulled them so I could work with them, anticipating that when the amethyst included material was available I would have a springboard of experience to offer with it. 

Right before the live sale with The Black Collection, one of my wonderful followers messaged me with a screenshot of what appeared to be Fascia Jasper with amethyst. It certainly looked like Fascia Jasper, but I honestly thought it must be something coming out of the pink amethyst mine in the south, because I knew everything from this mine was at the cutter.

I showed the screenshot to my to my supplier, and we started investigating.  It seems  that  one of the partners at the mine could not resist temptation, and when the first pieces came from the cutter they were sold outside of our agreement. We learned who the supplier was that purchased it, and my supplier contacted him and told him the story. This beautiful man offered to sell me his remaining stock! It has already been shipped and is on its way. I will let you know when it arrives!  

And that's my story.  So many amazing synchronicities. I feel like it is a miracle that I was able to obtain this first cutting of what I now call The Amethyst Collection. So far I can share that the amethyst included pieces I have been working with really feel like Brazilian Auralite.  Brazilian Auralite comes from Goiás, which is a very good distance away from the Fascia Jasper mine in Bahia, so I am not making any claims, but the energy is much more potent than straight up amethyst. Super Something, right? The colors are also the same, the rich black and red, the silvery gray, and even the gold is present  (but I do not think the gold  is the same mineral).

I have mentioned in the past that I felt that Fascia Japer was a Grand Formation. This is a term originally coined by Melody (who owned the trademarked name Super Seven).  By this she meant  that any piece of Super Seven, whether it contained all 7 minerals or not, retains the qualities of the whole. Fascia Jasper is this and much more. It is also more than the current understanding of an adaptogenic crystal. But these words are a great way to frame up the characteristics and serve as a basis for understanding what we are experiencing with this highly conscious crystal ally. 

It is my personal belief that Fascia Jasper appeared at this time directly in response to the needs of the collective, as a result of the information that was uploaded  and communicated by Alta. I believe there was communication and a sharing of information between these two highly conscious crystalline allies, almost as if Alta was on a reconnaissance mission to learn and experience so they could see what we needed and how to best assist us, based on our current life situations and our ability to understand, connect and receive.

Thank you for finishing this fairly long read!  I will let you know when the shipment arrives, so get out your party hats and champagne--we are going to have a major crystal party!  And now on to part 4!

--If this is the first time you are reading about Fascia Jasper, welcome! Here are some more resources for you:

In New Find! Fascia Jasper part 1 and Fascia Jasper part 2,  you will find in depth history and detail. 

In Fascia Jasper Part 3 I discuss the three main types of Fascia Jasper to date and the Alta connection. This is a great summary of info so far.

In Fascia Jasper Part 4  I offer suggestions on how to use the body layout  and massage wands.

If you would like to read about others' experiences with Fascia Jasper, please see 1 Fascia Jasper and 2 Fascia Jasper in my highlights on my Instagram bio @TheLemurianRose . They are updated regularly as people share their experiences.

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  • Christine Kieffer on

    Thank you, Lisa! This is exciting news! Cannot wait to see this wonderful material!

  • Jenny on

    Yay!! I am SOoo excited!! 💓💓💓

  • Molly Gibson on

    This is so exciting! Thank you for the wonderful posts you’ve shared throughout this journey!

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