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Fascia Jasper --Part 4 "No Accidents", The Initial Body Layout, and Other Tidbits

Lisa Davis body layout fascia jasper

What a wild ride this has been! I hope this finds you all well. I am just starting to catch my breath, and settle into integration mode for August. Fascia Jasper is really moving! This latest group has been charging in a huge fairy ring all week. Today the fairy ring has disintegrated and the crystals are ready to go.

The photos below show a before and after.

mushroom and Fascia jasperdecomposed mushroom

In my last article  (part 3) I recapped the journey with Fascia Jasper so far, from the initial discovery and lab testing, up to the present third collection which contains amethyst inclusions. It has been quite a journey! I also mentioned that temptation got the better of one on the partners at the mine and the new material was sold outside of our agreement. I am quite certain that this was no "accident".  

Fascia Jasper has been incubating, gestating, if you will, with me and all of us since its discovery. An extraordinary amount of ground work has been laid, and it is still downloading huge amounts of information as quickly as we can decipher and integrate it.  So many of you have generously taken the time to share wonderful stories and practical applications of this highly conscious and adaptogenic crystal, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Fascia Jasper is ready to be really out there. It has been over a year since I first offered it, and it has a firm foundation in place. The energy profile is well documented (and still evolving), and now it is ready to interact with more people and gain even more experiences than I can possibly  provide. Remember, it  works like the mycelium--it has vast and inter dimensional networking capabilities.  (For a mind expanding article that explains this concept as well as a great take on the concept of a grand formation, check this article out on the Resonance Science website).  

So, no accidents! Fascia Jasper knows what it is doing.  And to that end, I have decided to open up the market to everyone.  Many shops have inquired about purchasing this material, and now it is possible.  As I said before, the amethyst material is already available,  and I am releasing the red and the black as well. So you will be seeing more Fascia Jasper, and hopefully even more variety as more nodules get cut open and sold. 

I am so grateful to have been able to see the Black Collection transition into amethyst. I feel like I was watching the blossoming of a beautiful metamorphosis, and now the butterfly is ready to fly out into the world. The new nodules I am seeing are quite different from what I saw in the Black Collection, and I am looking forward to learning more about them. Some have only a little of what we recognize as Fascia Jasper on them, but it is there!   I do not know how much of the Amethyst Collection was sold initially, but I am thrilled to have been able to obtain material from early In its release. 

The nodules that came forward to be cut were released precisely in the order that was required, including the unprecedented delays and challenges getting everything cut and shipped to the US.  Again-there are no accidents. It actually gets easy after a while to be with what is, trusting the process. Just like a birth, all in right timing, dancing with your partner as equals in a co-creative process.

In Other News

The Body Layout

The third piece for the body layout has arrived!  The body layout was an early download, and it has been a work in progress to secure all the shapes. The third  shape is an equilateral triangle with rounded corners. I hope to add drawings or video for you in the future, but for now a description will do just fine. 

At the crown: skull

Over the heart chakra: heart 

Over the sacral chakra: triangle

The triangles orientation varies--Point up (expressive/yang), point down (receptive/yin), or point sideways. So far the way that feels best for me in the sideways position has always been to the left. This is interesting because in Chinese medicine the organ pulse points that Fascia Jasper has resonated so strongly with are all on the left, the Yin/blood side---heart, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, and kidney! 

Once I started working with the body layout, the triangle aspect revealed a fourth shape, to be placed at the feet.  A pyramid!  And here is case in point about Fascia Jasper directing things--I contacted my supplier and asked him to contact the cutter about making pyramids, and he laughed. It seems they are already being cut!  And why am I not surprised?? Of course they were, lol. They should be arriving in a month or so, but I am not so bold as to commit to that. Fascia Jasper will arrive exactly when it means to. 

This layout is incredibly centering and connects to the aspect of the heart/mind  (Shen) and the heart/womb connection, also a concept of Chinese medicine. Deep stillness and healing insights flow effortlessly, and the fascia engages. Tune in and follow the subtle movements as you are guided, your inner wisdom knows the way.  I would encourage you to experiment with it and see how it resonates for you.

Note-When the  pyramid shape is added to this layout the energy will move in a torus throughout the entire auric field.  However, working with this three piece layout is a necessary first step in the process. My feeling is that once this groundwork is complete the pyramids will arrive. 

Massage Wands

massage wands , Fascia Jasper


In my experience with the massage wands, the rounded style functions extremely well in pairs, arms crossed, over energy points. The first thing I did was cross my arms over my heart and touch each point directly under my collar bones with the wands. I had an immediate relaxation response. My whole being settled, and this was just standing up, not using the body layout.  As a therapist, if I were working with a client, I can see certain point hookups coming into awareness during a session to facilitate energetic flow throughout the meridians. I am really looking forward to feedback from bodyworkers out there about how you use these in your practice. 

faceted Fascia Jasper massage wand


The faceted wands are fairly sharp, and are best suited to energy work.I will ask for more rounded off edges next time.  I have used them lightly on myself as a single wand, and I can say they are potent generator points that direct a very intense focused beam.  I tried the technique above with two faceted wands but it was too intense for me, personally. So my work with these has been as singles, not pairs. They are great for precise energy work. 

Other Tidbits!

I have found a very interesting inclusion in some of the amethyst collection.  My first impression was possibly chalcedony, and then I seriously wondered if it could be green opal! I am sending a few pieces off for testing, I am really excited to see what we have here.  It fluoresced under short wave UV, but it is possible that it is chalcedony with some calcite inclusions. So stay tuned!


We are learning how to recognize nodules before they are cut. I have requested a collection of the yellow/white material from the very first cutting. There was only a tiny bit, but if we can find another nodule it will go to the cutter shortly!  I have also requested more amethyst.

The next blog will cover the more mystical aspects of Fascia Jasper, especially the revelations that have come from the Black Collection. Since Fascia Jasper is a Grand Formation, each piece, no matter what color, contains the properties of the whole. Within the whole certain specialties exist, but it is holographic in nature (this is why I liked the article from Resonance Science I linked to above). The progression from showing us eyes, triangles, mushrooms, butterflies, and now hummingbirds keeps expanding, spiraling into infinity. Spirals and infinity signs are in that mix too!  Honestly, there will never be a point where there is no more to write. 

Thank you for reading! 

--If this is the first time you are reading about Fascia Jasper, welcome! Here are some more resources for you:

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If you would like to read about others' experiences with Fascia Jasper, please see 1 Fascia Jasper and 2 Fascia Jasper in my highlights on my Instagram bio @TheLemurianRose . They are updated regularly as people share their experiences.









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