Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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All Lemurians

Here is everything Lemurian all in one spot.  Natural, polished, carved, tumbled, jewelry, you name it.  If it is a Lemurian it is here! 

Lemurian crystals have a beautiful high vibration, and a deep connection to the Divine Feminine. The energy is unmistakable heart centered, resonating strongly with the heart and crown (and above) chakras. There is deep wisdom and healing held within these crystals.  A Lemurian is different from other quartz in that they do not require programming, they are already programmed.  That is what makes them so very special.  Many Lemurians coming out now are programmed on several levels, overwritten with starbrary languages as well as their Lemurian coding. 

My part in this is to midwife them and "wake them up", so they are ready for you.  An awakened Lemurian connects very easily and profoundly to the right person.   Your part in this is to attune to your Lemurian and tend to the relationship.  Spend time with your Lemurian. Meditate with it, sleep with it, charge it in sun and moon and starlight, what ever you are guided to do. Connect often and listen deeply, as you would with a very good friend. They are wonderful companions for your sacred path.