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Fascia Jasper-- Part 2

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Lots has been happening around Fascia Jasper since the first small collection has made its was out into the world!  For the time being this unique find is available exclusively at The Lemurian Rose , and if you have not yet read the first blog article, please give it a once over before you read this one. The background in that article is not repeated here and I think it will be very helpful for you.

Firstly, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has written me about your experiences! It is so valuable to be able to share different perspectives, as well as to see the striking similarities.

I have received numerous reports of pain relief using this crystal, and that has been my personal experience as well. I will preface this article with my usual disclaimer, and having said that share what I have learned so far!

Fascia Jasper is a very spiritual crystal, inviting us to connect deeply into ourselves. To go within and fully embody ourselves, lighting up every cell with consciousness. It is a multidimensional crystal, and we have just begun to work with it.  The main focus of this article will be on the physical level, and lets face it, a good feeling physical body certainly makes it easier to be fully present! 

Fascia Jasper sphere

Fascia Jasper seems to have both anti-inflammatory and anti spasmodic effects, and it appears to be strongly adaptogenic.  Everyone who has shared with me has had a similar experience in the reduction or elimination of pain. One very insightful comment specifically mentioned that the stone seemed to absorb the heat from a painful area, and that she was guided to cleanse it under cold water after using it. This person was guided to actually rub the crystal on the affected area, which was different than my initial experience of a more global function.  I love how modulating properties of quartz and the cleansing properties of calcite adjust to each person individual needs.  Sometimes people have quick results, and sometimes the healing seems to progress in layers, but so far everyone who has shared with me has had progress with pain relief. 

Calcite is very stimulating to the third eye, and I believe that this property is a big part of using Fascia jasper effectively.  It can help us connect to our inner wisdom, the healer within all of us, who knows the big picture. So basically Fascia Jasper comes with its own personalized instruction manual, you just need to tap in and follow your guidance. 

Fascia Jasper sphere with eye

There are "eyes" everywhere on Fascia Jasper, which seem to be a billboard for several interesting properties. One is the third eye connection--as a pseudomorph of quartz after calcite, the structure of calcite has been retained, and now the properties are embodied by quartz and emanated in a synergistic blend. Fascia Jasper is a potent third eye opener. I have received reports of vivid past life recall,  symbolic dreams, and easily recognized guidance of how to use it. 

Fascia Jasper eye

Another connection that the "eyes" are advertising is the connection to the liver meridian in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The liver meridian governs the eyes, as well as the tendons and ligaments in the body.  When this meridian is in balance within the entire system, it is responsible for creativity and sudden insight (in-SIGHT).  Imbalances can manifest as anger, frustration, depression, or rage (inflammatory, in more ways than one!).   For example, in my massage practice (body, mind, spirit oriented),  almost every single person I have ever worked with that had back pain had suppressed anger stored within the tissues of the low back. Remember, fascia stores memory and trauma.   Releasing that fascia and the corresponding emotions allows energy to flow and balance to be restored.  

Fascia Jasper is predominantly red, and looks like fascia, nerves, blood, and organs--depending on the individual piece. Blood is also governed by liver energy, filtering, detoxifying, and nourishing.  There are many correspondences here, and they are in plain sight. Fascia Jasper is ready to work and is not shy about letting us know how it can help! 

 Sleep Update

I have tried one more time to sleep with this crystal, and I can still say it is definitely not a sleep stone. While I have had feedback of a few exceptions, when I tried sleeping with it, in addition to provoking strong visions, it brought up a lot of things for healing, and I had a restless night.  It is great to carry, to meditate with, and especially to bathe with. I have had more than one report of tossing and turning all night when trying to sleep with Fascia Jasper, however--the back pain was gone in the morning! But there are easier ways to achieve this balance than losing a good nights sleep.  

Exploring Vacuity

There is still much to be explored around the concept of vacuity. The empty space is a very important component--druzy pockets, caves, open spaces in the reticular structure. It was very interesting that the language in the lab report referred heavily to the empty spaces, using words like void, cavity, and interstitial--a word I have only used to apply to tissue. There are no coincidences! I am wondering if, on the physical level, the empty spaces are possibly relating to the hollow structures in our bodies, the skull, the yang organs (yang organs are hollow, yin organs are fleshy), blood vessels, etc. I am sure it will all be revealed in time. 

Fascia Jasper tower

Fascia Jasper has a definite affinity for the intracranial membranes, nerves, and blood vessels. I have been drawn to work with my crystal skull lately, and I think it all ties in.   More than one person has mentioned feeling a lot of activity in the area of the third eye, and many have had physical releases within the head and sinuses. Since Fascia Jasper carries the vibration of healthy fascia, and every single cell in our bodies contains fascia (including blood),  I have not found an area it does not resonate with.  However, I continue to receive a lot of feedback about the activity felt within the face and skull,  and that was my initial experience as well.  It went straight to my head and I could feel the membranes shifting and balancing.

One last note-I mentioned in the previous blog article about the interesting and strong capillary action that this material has in its raw form. It sucks up water like crazy!  I got a message from a good friend  of mine who is struggling with back pain. She had a dream that she should place that raw surface on her feet. So maybe the question of vacuity is in reference to its ability to draw out toxins into itself. There must be empty space to pull things into. Now that I think of it, the eyes are hollow but filled with water.  I am looking forward to hearing more as we all learn!

I have a third (and a fourth!) blog article already started, and I have made  a permanent highlight on my Instagram bio with all the feedback I am receiving about Fascia Jasper, so be sure  visit my Instagram bio and to check out my highlights 1Fascia Jasper and 2 Fascia Jasper.   As this wonderful crystal makes its way out into the world and people continue to share experiences, we will all learn from each other.  Continue on to part 3 for some wild news!

--If this is the first time you are reading about Fascia Jasper, welcome! Here are some more resources for you:

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If you would like to read about others' experiences with Fascia Jasper, please see 1 Fascia Jasper and 2 Fascia Jasper in my highlights on my Instagram bio @TheLemurianRose . They are updated regularly as people share their experiences.







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  • Diane Bergquist on

    I have had mine by my side since I got it, and yes also in bed. The body aches, and the pain behind my eyes would not get better, until that facia jasper showed up! I believe I wouldn’t be better without it, the improvement since I got it is short of amazing. I got covid and was in rough shape, it’s no coincidence.

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