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The New Lemurians-Unities, Dreamcoats, and Coras-UPDATED

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 July 6, 2020-UPDATE- Lab results for the Unities and the Dreamcoats have been added to the end of the article. Very interesting!

Are you asking yourself, "What is a Unity Lemurian?" "What is a Dreamcoat Lemurian?" What are the properties of these crystals?"  "What is it that makes them so special and why are they selling out so quickly on the website?"  Here are the answers you are looking for!

I originally found the Unities in August of 2019 and was immediately enchanted with them. I made the purchase and invited Jen at Soul of Lemuria to split it with me.  Jen and I have since diverged paths and we no longer work together, but during the time we cooperated on this project we had a great time and made a significant contribution to the body of knowledge for this material.  I am in the process of rewriting this blog--there have been many updates since it was first published--but for now it accurately represents the work we did together at that time.  

When I first received the Unities from Brazil, I sent them off for lab testing.  This article written by Jen includes those test results and our observations as we followed this pocket, during the time we worked together. 

The Unity Lemurians were the first material to come out of this pocket.  They were followed by the Dreamcoats and then Cora, and finally the Red Dreamcoats that are not discussed here as they were a later discovery. 

UPDATE 8/11/22-There is an exciting  new development with the Red Dreamcoats, which will be included in my new article that will replace this one. 


Dreamcoats, Unities and Cora, Oh My!


One of my favorite words in the English lexicon is serendipity!  What is serendipity?  That glorious feeling of accidentally stumbling upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.  In 2019 it was serendipity that led  Lisa, owner of The Lemurian Rose and I to purchase a mine run of crystals.  They looked interesting and I filed it under, “looks cool, but tbd.” Then they arrived and I was awed! 

For more than a year, Lisa and I have been following this pocket of crystals.  We made a commitment and purchased each mine run as they came out.  Carefully, we watched the different formations.  We independently meditated with these crystals to get our own energetic read.  When Lisa and I would share notes, we would find that our information was similar, if not pretty close to the exact experiences.  Additionally, our Instagram customers have aided us by sharing their experiences with the Unity Lemurians.  Thank you to each of you for your contributions!

 It is my intention that the following be a helpful guide as to the history of the pocket, the physical characteristics of the crystals, and the energy profile.  I have tried to be as exact as I can be, however, this is not an exhaustive list. In general, people do not enjoy being cast into a box.  It’s been my experience that crystals don’t appreciate it either. In fact, I think they laugh at us.  With that said, here are what I feel are characteristics for the majority of these crystals. The energetic profile and examples given are my personal experiences and notes taken from sessions of meditation over the course of more than a year. It has been a labor of great love and I am excited to now share these crystals with the world.  World, I introduce to you . . .   

 Unity Lemurians

Where do they come from?

Unity, Dreamcoat and Cora crystals have all been found near a waterfall close to the Cristalina Lemurian mine in Brazil.    Run 1 and Run 2 of what has become known as Unity Lemurians are the original pocket.  There were not a lot of crystals from these two mine runs! We had hoped for more.  However, we were soon told that access to the mine was closed due to local soybean farming. 

The physical characteristics of a Unity Lemurian:

  • They are not large, these stones are meant to be on you, i.e in your pocket, purse, hand, jewelry, etc. The largest unity from the first two runs were somewhere around 3 inches in length.
  • Golden frosty in color.
  • Amethyst tip.
  • The majority have an empathic or elestial tip.
  • They can have druse (about 10% of Run 1 and Run 2)
  • About 5% have what has become known as a “druse zipper.” This “zipper” is jagged (like zipper teeth) and often “filled” with druse that can range from clear, amethyst or have hematite saturation.
  • They have a second “coat” or second growth. The inner quartz is crystal clear and for specimens that have open “zippers” you can see the inner Lemurian with its striations or Starbrary markings.
  • About 80% have an “Isis face.”
  • White and/or red phantoms (50%)
  • Some have Cora influence (See Cora section below)
  • Please see video for examples.

The energy profile of the Unity Lemurian:

  • The name Unity itself was chosen because there is a trinity of energy. The tops (amethyst) resonates with the crown chakra, the body (golden hue) resonates with the solar plexus and the crystal-clear core emits a steady stream of gentle pure white light.
  • By way of introduction, the first time I held a Unity Lemurian it showed me many worker bees within a hive. A worker bee starts off its early life by working inside the hive, with its task being to clean out the cells of the hive (much like cleaning out our chakras and pointing us to the work we have to do).  Next, a worker bee is put in charge of nursing younger worker bees (that’s right, time to work on us!).  They move on to making the wax comb (helping us manifest that which we make possible through the work we have done in clearing out all that is energetically in our way).  Lastly, they venture out to forage for pollen and nectar (continuing to work FOR us and manifesting in big ways).
  • This “hive” vision is not the first crystal to show me this vision, but the Unity Lemurians have really helped me to understand how interconnected they are with not only other Lemurians, but all crystals in my opinion.
  • If you are working with a Unity Lemurian and you do not feel it “speaking” to you, I am honestly not surprised because they are too busy working for us to stop and talk. A mantra that I suggest you use by way of getting to know a Unity (and yourself) is simply: “I wonder what it would look like if…” “Wonder” is an amazing tool for manifestation and these Unities put the M in manifestation. 

The Transition

After introducing the world to Unity Lemurians we were told that more were found!  We were thrilled and excited.  The miner having lost access to the original pocket followed it to what we believe is the actual end of the pocket.  In this new third run we did not see a lot of Unities.  Instead we were seeing what appeared to be Super-7ish specimens with an opaque granular quartz core and Unities that were morphing into something else entirely and we weren’t sure what. 

Now having mapped this pocket for the past year we can say that the Unities are part of a family of second growth quartz, or as we have coined it: Dreamcoats. Amongst this family we see the following relatives:

  1. Unity Lemurians
  2. Dreamcoat Sacred Seven
  3. Dreamcoat Lemurians
  4. Cora

So, I know what you are thinking: how do I know if I have a Dreamcoat Sacred Seven or a Dreamcoat Lemurian?  Let’s jump in and discuss that!

Dreamcoat Sacred Seven verses Dreamcoat Lemurians

In run 3 and 4 we started to see that some of these stones appeared to have clear Lemurian cores like the Unities with mineral inclusions found in Sacred Sevens.  Additionally, we were finding clear Lemurians without the second coat within the pocket of run 3 and 4.

It is very easy to tell if you have a Dreamcoat Sacred Seven or a Lemurian.  What does the core look like?  Does it have an opaque granular quartz core? Then it’s a Dreamcoat Sacred Seven and tends to have the same metaphysical properties that come with Sacred Seven’s.  If the core is clear, or even better yet, it has an open zipper and you can see the inner striations, then you have a Lemurian.

The physical characteristics of a Dreamcoat Lemurian:

  • They are Lemurians with “overcoats”: a second growth with coloring that can be similar to Unities or have heavy iron and or hematite inclusions giving them an almost orange/red body with a deep amethyst top.  The ones that look similar to Unities will have a shiny outer coat (different than the frosty golden tone of the Unity).
  • They range in size from small to over a pound.
  • They can have druse, which often appear to have heavy hematite or amethyst coloring.
  • The Dreamcoat Lemurians can appear elestial and also come in double terminations, including extra terminations, or ET’s.
  • They can have an “open zipper” as well.
  • Less often they are found to have an “empathic tip” and tend to have little to no damage on the facets.
  • White and/or red phantoms.
  • They can have a “Cora influence” (See Cora section below)
  • Please see video for examples.

The energy profile of the Dreamcoat Lemurian:

  • Where did we come up with the name Dreamcoat? Believe it or not (you should believe it) Lisa and I independently received this name on our own. To Lisa’s credit, she was the first to start to work with the Dreamcoats while I worked with Cora.  When we began seeing what would become known as Dreamcoats they looked more like large Unities. However, the energy was slightly different, as well as the formations and size. We began asking ourselves if we should release them or hold them back to see what was happening with the pocket.  It was during one of these meditations that I saw crystals morphing into a multi-colored dreamcoat.  Those of you familiar with Joseph and the Amazing Colored Dreamcoat…yes like that dreamcoat!  Colors of red, yellow, purple, orange, white, brilliantly swirling and sparkling!  Then when I saw our Dreamcoats, I said, yes, this is what I saw!
  • The distinct difference between the Dreamcoat Lemurians and any other crystal in the pocket is that the Dreamcoat Lemurians are similar to an onion analogy. These crystals will work with you to peel back the layers on whatever is energetically standing in your way, and patiently wait to work with you. 
  • Lisa specifically has emphasized, and I agree, that they offer forward motion, as opposed to stagnation.  They help us do the work needed to allow the Unities to do their thing! 
  • Like all crystals from this pocket, they will aid you in manifestation.


I started finding the “Cora” crystals appear in the 2nd and 3rd run.  You will often see in a Unity or Dreamcoat Lemurian these white or red phantoms, or even amphibole like flames! Once again, not on a lot of the Unities or Dreamcoats, but some! I received these crystals and like a mother with a newborn, I have been in love since!  Within the pocket they seem to be a bit of an abnormality; they just pop up!  Remember what I said about the crystals not embracing the concept of being put in a box or labeled?  Well, these here are your prime example. They happily stand out. 

It has been my experience when coming in contact with a new crystal for the first time that it is very similar to meeting a new person; a crystal will introduce itself, for the most part.  Her hello set me on fire, in a good way.  I felt heat run through each of my chakras, straight out my crown chakra.  I saw flames lapping in a wild dance, but let me be clear, not destructive.  If fire could dance, these would make it happen. It was then that they named themselves Cora.

I would like to make a special note here that I have not named them Cora Lemurians as of yet.  Their physical characteristics do show them to look like Lemurians, but further time and meditation is needed to confirm this before I am willing to apply that label.  For this reason, as well as a few others, I am holding them back for now.  I am however showing them to you and explaining their characteristics, because they lend themselves in a big way to the pocket and energetically to some of the crystals. The influence of Cora shouldn’t be underestimated.

The physical characteristics of a Cora:

  • They do not have a jacket, or second growth. They are simply the “core”. 
  • This core is crystal clear
  • Amphibole like inclusions can appear – almost looking like a flame
  • Phantoms of white, deep maroon can also appear – and it seems that if the phantoms are present it is less likely the flames are present
  • They are about the same size as Unities
  • They do appear in very limited clusters
  • They can have Lemurian striations as well as Starbrary markings.
  • They come in all formations. Again – they don’t like boxes.
  • Some can have a gray coloring; testing is needed to see if this could be lithium.
  • From what I have found, they tend to elestialize or DT/ET.
  • Please see video for examples.

The energy profile of Cora:

  • Not only does the name Cora come from being the Core found in the Unities, but it really comes from the ability it has to help us see the core of who we are, or the core of a situation. These are your blunt best friend who tells you how it really is!
  • She is enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination and action! She is grab life by horns and go for it energy!
  • I have found that she instills courage and the willpower to overcome. She is willing to face your fears with you, and do it with immense love.
  • Protection: I have found her to be a protection stone. The feeling is of being placed in a protective energy shield around the body.  I have also had physical healings with Cora.

I hope that you have found this summary of our midwifing the Dreamcoats, Unities and Cora’s helpful!  As these are still a new find we are still learning more about them every day!  Please continue to help us out by sharing your experiences with them! 

LAB FINDINGS-For our fellow science geeks, here are the results of the lab testing we had done. I am quoting the lab report directly, with added notes of my own (Lisa) in italics.

Unities-The warm golden color is caused by inclusions of goethite just below the surface of the crystal. No staining  was found on the surface. Along earlier growth surfaces, hematite and druzy quartz was noted.

Dreamcoats-Inclusions of chlorite group minerals present. On the surface is a material which is essentially laterite, an iron aluminum oxy-hydroxide (Laterite is a soil and rock type rich in iron and aluminium and is commonly considered to have formed in hot and wet tropical areas). Remarkably interesting are inclusions of tiny quartz crystals with a little hematite staining here and there. They formed when the crystal was smaller than it was when growth was finished.  Something interesting grew on the surfaces of those tiny quartz crystals-- little sprays of yellow to reddish rutile crystals!  Subsequently, the main crystal continued growth and engulfed those over grown crystals. 


This video was taken from a joint live we did on Instagram on May 13, 2020, and is a 50 minute in depth information session on 3 new finds of Lemurian Crystals from Brazil, and is the result of over a year of collaborative research. Jen and I explore the evolution of the pocket, the differences in mine runs, the mineral make up, and the metaphysical properties of each crystal, with many visual examples. We also discuss the difference between Dreamcoat Super Seven and a Dreamcoat Lemurian.  Enjoy!

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