Talks To Sacred Stones

Lemurians, Serendipity, and Synchronicity

guidance heart lemurian magic magical meditate meditation path serendipity synchronicity

It never ceases to amaze me how things work out when I meditate (be) more and I do less. And when I mediate with a Lemurian crystal, the things that happen throughout the day are simply astonishing, even in my world! The adage “Let go and let God” comes to mind, especially when it comes to designing this website. I certainly have my ideas and preferences. But these crystals are so very conscious, and when I ask for guidance and meditate with them, I am constantly reminded to drop my agenda, listen, and follow the guidance that comes throughout the...

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gratitude lemurian opening message

The Lemurian Rose has certainly been an amazing co-creative process.  There has been so much support from so many sources seen and unseen I don't even know where to begin to offer specific thanks.  I seem to be living is a continuous state of grace, where there is no difference between giving and receiving. Gratitude and Blessing go hand in hand as an integrated pair.  Just one more (profound!) shift in my awareness since I have been fortunate enough to share my life the these remarkable crystals. I look forward to offering these very special Lemurian Seed Crystals to the...

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