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New Amethyst Elestials-Potent Allies for Life's Transitions

Lisa Davis amethyst angels citrine death elestial support transitions

This beautiful new find of smoky amethyst elestials from Araçuai, Minas Gerais, Brazil has lovely deep purple color, beautiful goethite inclusions, and a wow factor surprise -- there are several that are on citrine! I call them "Show Stoppers" for a reason! Not only do they look different than anything I have seen coming out of Brazil in the past, they also behave differently, at least for me. They have some unique properties and definitely need their own blog post.

deep purple amethyst elestial on citrine

I have worked with these only a short time, but they made their mission very clear to me right off the bat. There is a wealth of information about amethyst and elestial quartz out there if you care to read up, and most of the common themes apply to these crystals. However, different groups of crystals ( and individual crystals)  can have different energy profiles, and I always like to share my personal experience about the crystals I offer whenever I can.  So here is a breakdown of what I have learned so far.


 I saw no difference in potency between the pieces with clear or the citrine bases. I am sure the citrine will lend its aura cleansing abilities to the mix, and possibly a piece on citrine will require less energetic maintenance. These are hard working crystals, so cleansing and charging is particularly important, but since citrine rarely picks up lower vibrations it may offer a good bit of help in that respect.  Citrine will also add an optimistic and empowering energy.  Many of the pieces have a faint citrine appearing in the quartz, but it is not readily apparent. 

After working with these crystals for only one day,  it has become very clear that they are powerful allies for all  transitions in our lives, large and small.  I have found they have a special affinity and gift to share for the death experience.  In my work with them, they have invoked powerful dreams and visions, and I have seen them as source of deep peace and calm for all concerned during this time. Not only for the person making their transition into non-physical, but also for the people who are connected to them, loving them, or supporting them in any way. They made it clear that this property applies to humans as well as animals.

They offer a smooth pathway for connection to the angelic realm, and in my experience they connect everyone involved with their own specific cadre of angels for them and for this time. This type of global, inter-dimensional support of the entire "unit" is so valuable, because during times like these everyone is focused on the person who is transitioning, and at the same time dealing with their own intense emotions. Everyone in this situation needs care and angelic love and support. Of course that support is always there and available to us, but we are not aways in a space where we can access it. These crystals make the connection so deeply and so immediately, that help becomes immediately available at the highest capacity we are able to accept.  They do not push, and they will not blow you out of the water with experiences you're not ready to receive. But they will help you allow the goodness that is flowing toward you, and help you to receive everything you are able to take in and remain in balance.

That property of modulation, and the connection to angelic realms, are both well-known properties attributed to elestial quartz. What struck me about these was the immediatcy of that  support.  It was almost instantaneous, definitely a crystal to use during difficult times.


I initially worked with a piece on a milky quartz base. As I held it in my hand,  I could easily feel this crystal offering waves of energy through my body, gently coaxing blockages into alignment.  It was a physically palpable, gently powerful, and immediate sensation. I had not even settled myself and intentionally tuned in and I could already feel it working with me. The waves became centered in my head, around my pineal gland. This continued periodically throughout the rest of the day, gentle waves that would come and go. The next day they ceased, and I could feel a shift had taken place. 


My overall mood was calm and peaceful. The next morning (I was sleeping with the same piece) I had a vivid visionary experience, and could feel my emotions rising, but I heard a voice, possibly my own, say "angels, angels, angels" and I quickly came back to center. Calm and peaceful, centered, and present are the best words I have describe the feelings.


For the most part my mind felt clear and light and stable.  I felt like an available observer. Not detached, but aware and participating in the challenging events surrounding me. In my vision I was a part of an unfolding scene, and not immune to getting wrapped up the events around me, but always coming back to a clear space. I also found that I could clearly remember and articulate my experiences afterward.


Since these crystals and I have started working together,  I have noticed that all my "clairs" have become more sensitive and refined. Things come to me much more quickly.  While they are very high vibration, they did not overburden my crown chakra, and I am sure the elestial formation as well as the goethite and smoky elements have a lot to do with that.  They are supremely adaptable to individual energy fields, gently offering exactly what is needed--no more , no less, and supporting the integration process.

In Summary

These crystals assist connection with high level support for transitions in our lives. For now, I have come to know these angelic beings as end-of-life-doulas.  Also called death doulas or death midvives, an end of life doula facilitates and holistically supports the individual and the family during this time. As a trained birth doula, I recognize birth and death as the same window, and I have seen how valuable it is to support the entire family during these challenging transitions. I hope these crystals bless you and yours with peace and equanimity as you journey through this life.









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  • Molly on

    Wow, thank you for taking the time to write this up. So beautiful and in depth. I cannot wait to work with mine. Thank you, Lisa!!

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