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All About Fascia- Video Presentation

Lisa Davis all about fascia fascia fascia jasper

I am sure I could comb and re-do this forever, but to overcome my perfectionism in a healthy way I give you (drum roll please) "The Fascia Lecture"!  

When I am able to set up my powerpoint and all my props and visuals, I may re-do it for you, but for now I think this will serve it's purpose very well. I have made good on my promise to have it done by the time the pyramids arrived, and for now, it is done and on time--a major accomplishment!

I hope it is enjoyable and informative for you. As always please feel free to message me with any questions.

Note-So far I have written four blog articles on Fascia Jasper, you can read the first one here. They all link together, so that is a great starting point. There will be more added as I complete them, this material is a constantly evolving journey. Thank you for being a part of it!

I have a nice selection of Fascia jasper available here, and be sure to check for new video sales on the main menu as well. 


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