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Fascia Jasper Tumbles

Fascia Jasper Tumbles

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 Fascia Jasper is a beautiful new find from Pilão Arcado, an area in the extreme north east of the state of Bahia, Brazil which surfaced in June 2021.  It is a jasper and agate conglomerate, which lab testing reveals it is a pseudomorph of quartz after calcite. For more information please see my four blog articles :  "New Find! Fascia Jasper" , "Fascia Jasper-- Part 2", Fascia Jasper News---part 3, and  Fascia Jasper Part 4-"No Accidents"

To see what others are saying about this highly conscious and adaptogenic material, please see my  Instagram highlights 1 Fascia Jasper  and 2 Fascia Jasper, and feel free to message me with your own experience a well!   Of course, nothing on this website or Instagram is a substitute for timely and proper medical care.  Please see my disclaimer here.  

Size varies  from approximately 1"-2"

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