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Fascia Jasper Mini Angelfish

Fascia Jasper Mini Angelfish

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Angelfish symbolize protection, emotional healing, and living in reciprocity with nature. They eat dead skin and parasites off of other fish, so they are also associated with purification and cleansing.    Hand carved in Brazil, they are perfect as carry pieces, for gridding, or to be made into jewelry. I will choose for you, please see the photographs for a representation of the group.

Sold by weight.  These vary from approximately 1.5"-2" long.  

 Fascia Jasper is an amazing new find from Pilão Arcado, Bahia, Brazil which came to me in June 2021.  It is a jasper and agate conglomerate, and lab testing reveals it is a pseudomorph of quartz after calcite. So far I have written four blog articles, and here are two to get you started with the basics:   "New Find! Fascia Jasper" and  "Fascia Jasper-- Part 2". They are all linked together, and there are 2 more related blogs about fascia  to explore as well.

To see what others are saying about this highly conscious and adaptogenic material, please see my  Instagram highlights 1 Fascia Jasper  and 2 Fascia Jasper, and feel free to message me with your own experience a well!   Of course, nothing on this website or Instagram  is a substitute for timely and proper medical care.  Please see my disclaimer here. 

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