Fenster Quartz With Five Moving Bubbles-Fenster quartz with fluid inclusions-The Lemurian Rose

Fenster Quartz With Five Moving Bubbles

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Beautiful double terminated Fenster Quartz with a light silver smoky color and golden clay inclusions. There are at least five small moving bubbles in this one!  Also some pretty rainbows, especially under the little points on the side. I see a diamond window on one end and a time link on the other, giving each end seven faces. There is a small chip at the base of one face. Please see pictures for detail. I have discounted accordingly. Sound on for description in video!


I used stickers instead of marker so you can add or remove them as you see fit. Marker is great, but with small bubbles when you wash it off sometimes you cannot find them again.  The lines under the arrows show the direction of movement. 

For more information on Fenster Quartz please see the main collection page.

Measures 2.60 x 1.71 x 1.22 inches.  Weighs 107 grams.  

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