Smoky Pink Lemurian Soulmate Triplet with Manifestations-polished lemurian-The Lemurian Rose

Smoky Pink Lemurian Soulmate Triplet with Manifestations

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Double terminated! This beautiful naturally smoky Lemurian is such a happy group.  It is partially polished, and several of the faces and sides have been left completely natural. The golden smoky coloration is darkest at the base. The base color begins as cloudy, then becomes very clear in the middle, then cloudy again at the tips, especially on the back two crystals.  There is so much going on with this crystal I can only begin to get a read on it, but I know that the right person will recognize the whole story in a powerful way. This is a group of souls that have joyfully traveled together for a long time.

There are three main terminations, giving the appearance of a triplet, but with a small fourth one peeking over the shoulder in the back.  I also see at least two more little flat crystals sprouting up at the base.  A very interesting soul group.  All the terminations spring from the same unified base, classifying it as a soul mate crystal.

There is some pretty pink hematite up at the tip, and a penetrator on the right side with a hematite inclusion on the top. Please see photos for detail, there is a small chip midway up the front. The main short crystal in front is a channeller, and the tallest one in the back is an irregular Isis. Like I said, LOTS going on here. Each member of this group has a complex and interrelated story.

At the base there are many beautiful rainbows, and a dark rainbow curtain in the mid section.There is another penetrator on one side, and very nice flowing glyphs. The base tapers in on all sides, trying hard to double terminate. While I do not see an actual smooth facet, there is definite double termination going on and the energy is there.

There are several manifestations inside this crystal. They are visible inside as completed points with rainbows all around. This is a very rare formation, but not uncommon for this particular family of crystals that I offer. It is part of what makes this group of Lemurians so special. They all come from the same mine, and so the geologic structure is similar.  If there would have been a layer of mineral coating these manifestations they would have become phantoms-- the phantoms in most of the other Lemurians I offer are actually "manifestation phantoms". Again, incredibly rare, but a hallmark of this particular find. Obviously it is time for certain of us as humans to interact with these powerful crystals and the wisdom they contain.


Weighs 346 grams. Measures  4.83 x 1.83 by 1.69 inches. 

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