Collection: Facia Jasper Web Sale


 *Adding a crystal to your cart does not hold it, only successful payment will take it out of inventory.

*A video sale on the website is treated like any other web purchase, to reach free shipping you must have a single order that meets the threshold of $75.

*If you make multiple separate purchases to quickly secure the crystals you want, please know that you will be paying shipping on each purchase, even if I combine them.  It is too time consuming and costly for me to issue refunds with the type of volume that a video sale generates, and it slows down the shipping process for everyone.

*If you have already reached free shipping and want to add to your order, please message me for a code that will waive further shipping charges. 

*Also--If you purchase a crystal sight unseen, I sincerely appreciate your trust that you will love it!  Since this does prevent others from purchasing during the sale, I am sure you will understand that I cannot issue a refund if for some reason you are not happy when your purchase arrives. 

Thank you for understanding, now let's have some fun!

I will be live at 7 pm EDT, 10/18/21, for an info session on this new find and showing of the listings below. If you want a head start, here is a great blog article 😊

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