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The Lemurian Rose-Guiding Principles and Values

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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the ethics and practices of The Lemurian Rose. While I talk about these things quite a bit in live sales, etc., I feel it is important to have a written statement of the practices that are near and dear to my heart and that this shop lives by every day. Thank you in advance for reading!

Sourcing Crystals

I do my very best to source only ethically mined and procured material, working either directly with miners or with a trusted supplier who has both a long term relationship with me and with the miners. I can usually tell you not only the country, but the state and city my material comes from.  Many times I can also give a good idea of the actual mine location and/or the name of the mine.  This is because my suppliers travel and have ongoing relationships with the miners. If there are conditions that affect access, for example if the mine location is sold, or is flooded, I will have these details. This provides you with a pedigree for your crystals, and with very few hands on them before they come to you. 

By ethically sourced, I do not only mean fair labor conditions and compensation and as earth friendly as possible. That is a minimum condition, and a very important one. These mines support many families and everyone needs to make a decent living. But the issue goes further than that. It is a well known fact that material is often stolen from the mines and especially at the cutters, to be sold privately to outside buyers. It is estimated that in Brazil, 70 percent of the cutters keep some of the material they have been given to cut, either to save as investment or to sell out right. It is important to have a good relationship with a trusted supplier who has trusted cutters, and who will monitor this situation. Assuring that the material being purchased is legitimately obtained protects the integrity of the process as the crystals move along their journey. 

Cooperation and Collaboration

Another aspect that I truly enjoy is collaborating with other people, combining talents and resources to achieve much more than could be done alone. I have collaborated with a few shops in the past, and I will always announce that and give credit where credit is due in true appreciation of the shared gifts that we all bring to a cooperative project. Many times there are parcels of rare material that are only sold as very large lots , and it is nice to pool resources, both financially and intuitively, as the new crystals emerge. If the material is rare, it is also a protection to you as a buyer to know that the crystals you purchase are authentic, directly from the source, and not stolen or a similar appearing material with a different energy profile offered by someone who is not truly familiar with the original find. 

Exclusive Finds

 If I am sharing a new find with another shop, I will always tell you. I do not often share new finds any more, so if I tell you I have an exclusive find and I bought it all, I mean exactly that. I have an agreement with my suppliers that it will not be sold to anyone else.  If you should see similar material offered by the same name I have given it, while it may be very beautiful in its own right, it is not the same material or energy profile.  It has its own gifts to be discovered, and its own name to be revealed.

Lab Testing

I work with a wonderful geologist who does all my testing. If I do not know what something is-- off to the lab it goes! This is especially fun with a brand new find, although sometimes I will send a specimen off because I want to be sure of its makeup before I offer it.  I also use the lab to identify fakes or treatments, and  sometimes I will request to check for toxic minerals.  I want to be sure I am as well informed as possible, so I can accurately describe them to you and offer you any necessary precautions.   I love to geek out with the science aspect of crystals and minerals, and I especially love how the geology and molecular structure of a crystal mirrors its metaphysical properties so closely. Those correspondences are validating and fascinating to me. 

What's in a Name?

Believe it or not, I truly do not lay awake at night dreaming up names for crystals! I love to brainstorm, and anything goes when I am in that mode, but if I receive a name it comes to me purely.  When a name does come it is usually received from time spent in meditation and the relationship to the energy of the particular find that I have been working with.  I do not trademark the names, this is not a 'marketing thing'.  It is a spiritual thing, and I am honored to receive a name and bring it forward. 

Midwifing Crystals

It is my great joy to be a matchmaker and connect people and crystals in fulfilling co-creative relationships! I personally prepare every single crystal that is offered for sale so that it is fully awake, aware, clear, and charged. When you receive your crystal it is ready for you to work with. All the crystals are washed and sorted, then "midwifed".  I was a childbirth professional for many years, and gentle birth is very important to me. The crystals have been underground for eons, and some are mined more gently than others. I want them to experience a gentle re-birth into the world above the ground, with sweet sounds and natural light.  I want them to be their very best selves, free of birth trauma, and fully aware.  I do not add reiki energy to my crystals, that is for their new companions to choose or not. I want the crystals to be their most pure selves, so they can resonate with their perfect person.

My midwifing cycle varies depending on what the crystals need, and I take my guidance and timing directly from them. However, it always includes outdoor time and several cycles of natural day and night, and the sounds of nature. There is always the sound of birdsongs and natural running water while the crystals are gathering natural light in sun and rain and moon and stars. After their outdoor time they may experience music, drumming, sacred essences, flowers, time under water, a dip in the creek or under the little waterfall on my property. Whatever they ask for they get. Then they are dedicated to the Source of all that is, with a blessing to always serve the highest good and greatest joy of all sentient beings, and most especially the ones they have come to find on this part of their journey. 

Earth Friendly Shipping

The earth has given us these lovely beings, and out of love and respect for her gifts I continue to refine my shipping process to be more and more earth friendly. It is always a balance between safe shipping and eco friendly practices. I pack with Hexcel Wrap and paper shreds, and eco friendly wrapping papers.   I never use plastic bubble wrap any more, unless it is repurposed. I use paper tape with minimal plastic added when necessary. My new shipping envelopes are paper on the outside, I hope they are as sturdy as my plastic ones!  I offer Shop Pay as a payment method instead of PayPal because Shop Pay will plant the appropriate number of trees to make each shipment carbon neutral.  I combine packages whenever possible, and I have had tape printed for my boxes that lets you keep track of how many uses you can get out of a box before it has to be recycled. Re-using  is much more earth friendly than recycling. Using a box as a kitty house counts! 

In Gratitude

If you are still with me, thank you! I want each of you to know that I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for trusting me and for choosing to buy your crystals from me.  I have been blessed with so many wonderful friendships, both customers and suppliers alike. This crystal community is such a beautiful group of souls, and I am honored to call you friends. Friendship is a choice and a privilege (family you are stuck with, lol!) and I am so happy to have social media as a way to stay in touch with the vast majority of you.

If you have read this far, here is a thank you gift for you. Use the code ROSEBUD at checkout for 5% off of any order, any price.  This is a one time code, but it does not expire, so hang on to it if you like 🌹.



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  • Kelly Sardella on

    It fills my heart with joy & gratitude to know what deep devotion you have to each & every crystal as well as your customers experience.

  • Seleena on

    Thank you for the transparency. I especially loved the explanation of your midwifing. I have curious about it for a while. Thanks Lisa 💚

  • Terry Radnai on

    Lisa you are a beautiful Soul and the respect,love and kindness you give to all the crystals you send out for adoption always amazes me. Your knowledge (geeking out ) I treasure as it helps me to respect my crystals I adopt from you that much more. Your blog post was heartfelt and sincere and I am blessed to have crossed paths with you and I look forward to learning much more from you in the future. Blessings my friend and thank you and Tom for all you do💗

  • Joy on

    Beautiful Lisa 💐 It is a truly special experience to add crystals into my home that have been midwifed with such love by you.

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