Collection: Pele's Dream Lemurians (Black Lemurians)

Very rare and very beautiful caramel citrine  Lemurians with morion phantoms and multiple deeply etched starbraries !   This collection is from the first 2 groups that were released for purchase in  July 2020.  There were 4 miners that each had a share of these crystals, and the last 2 miners did not release their shares until 2021-2022.  The fourth group ,released in early 2022,  is  entirely unpolished!  My friend Michelle at The Rock Cellar and I purchased this last group together, and we plan to release the collection in May 2022.

The fourth group was substantially more expensive to purchase. Having said that, the collection in these videos is still at the original pricing.  These crystals were mined in Cristalina, Goias, Brazil, and were all obtained in a single mining. They were simply released in 4 seperate groups at different times. The quality is consistent across the board. 

As a side note-if you would like to display these beauties in 'a manner befitting of their elegance', I would suggest either a velvet throne, available here in my shop, or a The Mineral Stand, available from The Rock Cellar. 

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