Partially Polished Lemurians

These crystals have been lightly buffed, the most minimal amount possible, in order to preserve the beautiful and extensive markings  on the sides and faces. Due to the mining process, most crystals sustain varying degrees of damage.   In the case of Lemurians, many chips are left untouched, in order to preserve the completely natural state. However, if the damage is slight but noticable, they are buffed to take out any chips that would detract from their beauty. There are no diamond saws involved here, and no re-shaping.  If the crystal is damaged to the degree that it requires more than a light buffing it is set aside to be carved into shapes. 

 This can be a real blessing when it comes to purchasing a Lemurian, especially a larger piece. A Lemurian that has been partially polished is less expensive than a completely natural one.  The energy remains unchanged as far as I can tell, and some of these crystals I cannot even find where they have been polished. But I purchased these as they came from the mine,  and the natural ones came first. Then the partly polished. So I know these have been polished somewhere, whether I can see it or not.  So much the better for you! I wouldn't be surprised if the ones that need polishing sacrifice themselves so that they would be more affordable to the people that are supposed to find them. I know that may sound like a stretch, but these are truly magical crystals.  And there is one more plus to polishing--if the face is polished it gives a very clear window to the beautiful phantoms and rainbows inside!