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Dreamcoat Lemurians-Tiny Golden

Dreamcoat Lemurians-Tiny Golden

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I feel so lucky to have found these little beauties! The Goldens tend to be large, so this small find of baby Golden Dreamcoat Lemurians  was a real treat. They are in excellent condition,  natural and unpolished.

These are fantastic for gridding, jewelry making, and for carrying on the body.  Each size option in the drop down menu is for a random  grab. Please see the photos for examples of each option.    The larger the grab the better the price, so have fun! If you are looking for larger sized individual pieces you can fine them here.

To learn more about the properties of these new Lemurians, please see the  latest blog post.


Cristalina, Goiás, Brazil

Individual measurements vary from approximately .5” to 1 “

Individual weights vary from 2 grams to 7 grams, average is about 3 grams. 

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