Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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Citrine Lemurian Towers

I could hardly believe my good fortune to be able to bring you these beautiful towers!  These pieces are cut and polished from the same group of natural citrine Lemurians that I also have available. I actually saw these before they were polished, so I can verify their authenticity. It is such a treat to be able to get polished the Lemurian shapes that are verifiably Lemurian! That Lemurian glow is so beautiful and unmistakable.

Natural citrine is fairly rare, and is becoming increasingly hard to source. Citrine Lemurians are extremely rare, and the quality of these is top shelf. The happy, sunny, cheerful energy of citrine combined with the heart  energy of  Lemurian quartz is really something to experience!  Citrine is an abundance and prosperity crystal, what a joy it is  to manifest from the heart! 

These towers will make wonderful pieces for any collection and sit so nicely just about anywhere. It is important to keep natural citrine out of direct sunlight though. It can fade rapidly, and then you are left with a beautiful piece of clear quartz. So treat with care, and enjoy!