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UPDATED 10/16/23 Blue Tara and Black Tara- Peace, Protection, and Weaving The Golden Fleece

Lisa Davis amphibole black tara blue tara dravite elbaite foitite Golden Fleece lab report shorl tourmaline

Blue Tara from Itacambira

Until recently the rare and beautiful blue included quartz known as Blue Tara was found in only one location, Ipupiara, Bahia, Brazil.  A new find was discovered in 2022  in Itacambira, Minas Gerais, Brazil and it is absolutely gorgeous.  There are also some wonderful variations coming out from that same location and other mining areas nearby, including a very special form called Black Tara (sometimes erroneously referred to as Nightshade Amphibole).  

 Blue Tara  quartz  is commonly thought to be included with Riebeckite and Olenite tourmaline, and sometimes it is referred to as a blue amphibole.   Lab testing has revealed that there is no Riebeckite or Olenite tourmaline present. The fibrous tourmaline that is present is a member of the schorl-elbait series or the schorl-dravite series. Magnesium and lithium were found which specifically excludes Olenite, and Reibekite was not found at all in the samples tested. This is just one of those things that has been repeated long enough on the internet to be taken as truth and accepted as common knowledge without actual testing to validate it.  Thank you to Jess at Little Lemuria for publishing these reports!  My own lab report on this same material showed that the white fibers were an aluminum silicate with minor iron and magnesium, and due to the lack of calcium or other alkaline elements they were not amphibole, but more consistent with dumortierite. Another interesting variation on the typical description. 

The new find tests essentially the same as the original (fibrous tourmaline of the shorl-dravite series) . The energy profile is also very similar.

The Black Tara is quite rare, and exquisitely beautiful. Many thanks to Emily at The Faceted Fern for generously sharing her lab results which document the black/gray inclusions as a member of the tourmaline group called foitite, and clearly excludes this material from being in the amphibole group.

Black Tara from Itacambira

Energetically I have found Black Tara to protective and grounding, with an "ethereally earthy" stabilizing feel to it (if that actually is a thing, lol).  It speaks to me of the Black Sea. Many pieces have beautiful golden fibers in them, and I recently learned that in the legend of Jason and the Argonauts, they all crossed the Black Sea on their quest to find the Golden Fleece. "Weaving" and "threads" have played a prominent role in my world for a while now, and the threads of the Golden Fleece seem to be weaving our collective experiences as yet another aspect of the mycelium (see the Fascia Jasper blog series for more on this topic).

It seemed  fitting to display the Black Tara alongside the Fascia Jasper when I offered it, and it only came to me later that the aspect of connection IS the connection. They function in complementary ways, the mycelium and the weaving of the threads of the Golden Fleece. The words parallel universe come to mind.  And I just happened to place the pieces with the most "Golden Fleece" fibers on a card that was captioned "Weave Golden Threads of Love" --I did not even read the caption until after I had placed the crystals. To top it off, the card is a cymatics rendition of Dolphin calls. Now I understand why I was so drawn to offer the Leandro De Souza whales along with this collection Taras and Fascia Jasper.  It was not just the Blue Tara calling in the ocean vibes! The Black Sea was also calling to be heard....And the Fascia Jasper is from--you guessed it--the Black collection, of course. dolphin cymatics art "Weave Golden Threads of Love"

I while researching more about the Black Sea, I was surprised to learn that it was once a vast fresh water lake. Only in the last 6500-7500 years as it became associated with the Mediterranean Sea did it gain salinity. This is interesting because the lab testing for Black Tara specifically stated it had a low sodium content (consistent with foitite tourmaline), and the Black Sea is only about half the typical salinity of the oceans. It is also considered by the scientific community to biologically dead at its bottom levels, with no marine life. Only the black muck from bacteria are present. However, to me, this is rich and fertile soil if a person is brave enough to sit with it, and has much more to offer that does not meet the eye. 

The references to the Golden Fleece started coming a few days ago, but that is another story. For now, the threads are weaving together into a beautiful tapestry, and I am eager to see how it all takes shape. 

UPDATE-10/16/23-The other day I took a walk to my favorite meditation spot down by the creek on my property and had an epiphany.  It was a beautiful day, and as I sat and gazed at the sunlight dancing on the water my eyes rested on a particular rock toward the middle of the stream. The water was  gently moving over the surface of the rock making beautiful patterns in the sunlight, and on the rock there there was a black algae gently swaying in the currents. Simultaneously it dawned on me that this image of light on living water looked exactly like a Black Tara crystal, and that Black Tara was all about fresh water and Blue Tara was all about  salt water. Black Tara is about lakes, woodland streams, forests, and the rich growth that lies at the bottom and the understory. The nutrition the lies in the fertile void. 

As I mulled this over, the memory came to me of a healing session years ago and the visionary journey that accompanied it. I was working with what seemed like an unending grief, and as I began to vision I dove into the deep waters. I swam down for so long I did not think I would ever get to the bottom. Finally I did, and then I just sat. With a lotus blossom on my head. I did not move for a very long time, and I began to feel like I was stuck, and afraid that I was going to be sitting here forever. But in truth, it felt so good to just sit; crosslegged, with a lotus on my head. Just to be still.

I was able to let that thought pass, and once I fully accepted where I was at, the guidance came. It said "Be still. The treasure is on the bottom".  And indeed it was. Healing insight came, and there in the black muck was the gold in my "stuff", to take with me back up to the surface when I was ready. And after that, to weave the golden threads of integration and understanding through my own life and by example -- all life. 

Reflecting now, the treasure relates to the actual physical and historical Golden Fleece.  In ancient times a sheepskin was used filter out the grains of gold from the silty bottom of the black muck in the stream.  

So if I were to sum up the metaphysical properties of Black Tara at this time, I would say it offers a peaceful, grounded (and therefore protected) and steady presence that soothes the mind and brings comfort by allowing truth and insight to surface. It is an excellent companion to guide you on a healing journey, especially one through the terrain of the deep and seemingly endless black waters of loss and grief. It is a companion crystal that will patiently stay with you and help you to be with what is, finding enough peace and presence of mind to look around and to recognize the gold that will inevitably reveal itself. 


Here is the rest of my original blog post on Blue Tara, from May, 2021:

Blue Tara has very high vibration—calming and soothing —and is known for its ability to clear blocks to higher level spiritual communication. Very helpful in problem solving and psychic development, it is said to work at the throat chakra to allow free communication between the lower and the higher chakras ( My personal experience so far is a strong tickle at the third eye and crown). 

 I have been trying to source authentic Blue Tara for years, and it seems she has been looking for me as well. I have  recently been blessed with a very nice selection of small points (perfect companions for Ra), as well as some incredible collectors pieces.  Beautiful color and lots of DOW formations in this group too!

blue iris

Jan Haerer,  (, has commented on the spiritual fragrance of these crystals, and it is a lovely serendipity that my very first group arrived when  my jasmine and gardenias were in full bloom.  As I  sat outside and mediated with them I was  enveloped in the most magical heavenly experience on all levels and dimensions. Here is what Jan has to say about Blue Tara (used with permission):

In Tibetan tradition, there is a Green Tara and a White Tara with Green Tara protecting Earth and White Tara protecting long life and peace. Tara, whose name means “star”, is further the equivalent of a female Buddha. Now, this crystal is blue not green, and she feels like a different aspect of Earth – the oceans. Earth is more ocean than land, so it’s particularly suiting that Blue Tara also represents the Earth. And further, her ice blue color brings in the energies of the Arctic regions. Beyond her other energies, she offers to her Keeper a wonderful way to work with the energies of the Earth and contribute to the repair of the damage humans have done.

Cradle this Spirit in a hand and immediately, you will feel yourself surrounded by a halo of energy and there will be a fragrance, somewhat like lily-of-the-valley; sweet, clear and heady. In her is love and compassion, understanding and knowing. She clears away pretense and pain, opening your heart and your mind to her protection and guidance. It is said that Green Tara offered protection to those incarcerated during the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Blue Tara offers protection to the Oceans and Oceanic Ice and those born of the Water Signs. The Celts also have a Tara, the Fins have Tar, the Egyptians, Ishtar and the Cheyenne have Star Woman - all Tara. She is all cultures, all races and all women. Work with her in celebration of peace, protection and all that is life and life-giving – she is astounding!

I think it is so fitting that Blue Tara is the chosen companion of Ra, and resonates with the ocean! Just as Alta loves Larimar, Ra loves Blue Tara. They are each the perfect complement and balancers for the Alta-Ra combination. 

The magic of Blue Tara does not stop there. If you are called to this beautiful and rare crystal, get ready to experience the joy of life flowing unencumbered to you and through you.  As blocks are released to the natural well being that is our birthright, life takes on the most incredible fragrance all its own.

 I had an amazing experience this morning that I want to just shout from the rooftops.  I had been having difficulties uploading videos for the website flash sales for over a month, and uploading the Blue Tara collection was no exception.  I got an inspiration for yet another work around, and it appeared to be successful (fingers crossed, it is still processing at this moment).  Literally in the moment the last video uploaded I was given the opportunity to purchase an incredible and HUGE Blue Tara Lemurian cluster!  Literally "out of the blue". I had been looking for years and now this!  It had just that moment become available and I am thrilled to say that she is one her way to me, and will be a cherished piece in my personal collection.

Blue Tara was looking for me as much as I was looking for her, and this meeting has been such an incredibly joyful experience I just had to sit down and write about it to share with like minded souls. I think the spirit of this Blue Tara "mother crystal" is pleased that her babies are going out in to the world at this time, and I feel like letting them go made room for her to come into my life  (Update: I have since had another HUGE Blue Tara Lemurian cluster come to me, message me if you are interested! I really only need one but I couldn't resist).

Like a lot of us, I have big happenings coming thick and fast in my life at the moment. This crystal is exactly the support I need when I need it, and if you are reading this I am sure it will be for you too. There are no accidents.  I am grateful to the universe for the magic that is happening all around me every day,  for open eyes to see it, and for people to share it with along the way.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a beautiful day! 

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  • Eric De Los Santos Jr. on

    This was so informative and insightful. Thanks so much for the detail and accounts of experiences using this crystal. Much love and abundance is gravitating your way. Peace. 🌎

  • Bianca on

    I enjoyed reading this so much and as you stated, there are no accidents. Upon reading this something dawned on me, a question was answered about my blue Tara quartz and it’s use in magic. Thank you & congratulations on finding one another as mine found me!

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