rainbow moonstone

Rainbow moonstone

Ahhhhh.  So nice to just sit and write again.  John Denver, Jim Croce, and Gordon Lightfoot are playing in the background, it is a gray rainy day, and the kitties are softly napping.  Life is good.


This post is from our Circle a few months back, but I am trusting that the timing is just right and all is as it should be. Our experiences with Rainbow moonstone were, as usual, remarkably full of synchronicity. It was not until the end of our time together in circle that everything came together and clicked, but it was a powerful knowing for all of us. 

This first thing that came to light for every one of us is that were were all seeing the color orange! Everywhere! And we just knew somehow that this was important, even though we were unaware at the time that ALL of us were experiencing the "orange thing". So we tossed this around a bit, and came to see that orange is a color of great creativity and resonates strongly with the second chakra. Now, with rainbow moonstone being such a feminine stone, and with its beautiful orange flash, we knew we were on to something, but at this point we were not sure quite what that something was.

As we continued to pass the talking stick and share, the keywords that kept repeating were along two themes. The first was directly related to the color orange: inspiration, creativity, and NEW BEGINNINGS.  Manifestation and forward motion with ideas and plans. Flow. A  very definite feeling of the grid filling in. Like the orange of a fire--- warming, nurturing, and gestating the seeds of new ideas to sprout and grow.

And then there was the other theme. The word "pivot" was prominent for many of us. Other words along this theme were: re-direct, shifting focus, and making choices for and about our own happiness that are in alignment with our soul purpose. One of our wonderfully sensitive members spoke eloquently of the physical, visceral sensation of feeling her soul being off to one side, and then literally feeling it fill her body and "click" into place while working with this stone. Again the experience of alignment with our truth, our core, and our source. Moving forward in life with our inner compass firmly in place.

The experience of shifting, redirecting, and protection is a well know property of labradorite, and Rainbow Moonstone actually is white labradorite. While it is a feldspar, it is not the same type of feldspar that true moonstone is made from. Labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar, and moonstone is an orthoclase feldspar.  And the flash of labradorite (both regular and white) is called labradorescence, while the glow of moonstone is called adularescence, much more of an inner glow than a flash. The term 'Rainbow Moonstone" is a trade name that originated in the 70's in the jewelry industry, and has become commonly used.  And it is a very pretty name, so why not? I like pretty :). I am also kind of a stickler for accuracy, and I enjoy science, so this way I can have my cake and eat it too.

Rainbow moonstone flashes gorgeous orange, blue, pink and green colors, just as all labradorite does. With labradorite the blue ray seems to penetrate the aura initially, and then the other colors ride in on this ray.  In the case of Rainbow Moonstone the orange seems to ride in very strongly on the blue and the other colors fill in the grid for balance and assimilation according to our individual needs. 

All is well and you are loved ♥

I had a very personal experience with this crystal right off the bat. I found a piece of rough that was shaped like a heart, with a wonderful strong blue flash. Just that morning I had changed my daily affirmation to "All is well and you are loved." So I appreciated this little stone and its confirmation.  The next day I looked out my window (the little heart was on the sill) and saw a perfect heart in the sky  created by the shape of branches and moss framing the blue sky. Wow.  Now I am really feeling things lining up in a very good way. And again I appreciate the confirmation as it goes by. BUT-there is more! The next day I look out that same window and there is a rainbow crossing straight through the blue heart in the sky!  Now I know that rainbow moonstone is really talking to me, and that truly all is well and I am loved. And, just in case you have forgotten, so are you. Always. No exceptions.

I hope that this article has given you a springboard to explore this magical crystal for yourself. I have a feeling that we have only just begun to really attune to its full potential. 


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Lisa, I really enjoyed this beautiful blog post! So much resonates with me. Thank you for sharing. Moonstone has always been a “go to” stone that I have always enjoyed working with, and wearing! I have a moonstone pendant that I have worn daily for the past 2 years. Crystal love and hugs!


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