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Lake Superior Agate

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This unassuming little powerhouse of a stone is quite a kicker. For starters, LSA is the oldest agate on the planet, over a billion years old. One more interesting superlative for Lake Superior to claim (Lake Superior is the largest, coldest, hottest, whatever, in the world). Lake Superior is well known for its iron deposits, which have been mined for about 10000 years. These little agates have a very high iron content, higher that any other agate. These agates are also very hard, 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale.



LSA is a tantalizingly spooky stone- with wild synchronicities.  I would have never believed a simple banded agate could be so fast acting and powerful. The high iron content and incredibly old age of this stone really packs a wallop.
3 members  of our wisdom circle group noticed unexplained iron stains on things while working with this stone, from laundry to flooring, and the mystery is still not solved. After about a week of working with LSA I was driving my daily commute and two signs popped up about iron and water! I took these pics from my car.

road sign        
It  started raining like crazy when we began working with LSA. Sorry for the rainy     windshield. It's all about the water!

When I stopped working with LSA the signs disappeared. And all kinds of references to the Edmund Fitzgerald were coming up from everywhere. And iron ship, loaded with iron ore, in the form of little pellets just about the size of a typical LSA. deedeedeedee.......

Lake Superior Agate started out as being one of the most relaxing, centering, and protective stones I have ever worked with. It felt wonderful in my hand, and was very grounding.  I did notice it was way too much energy when placed at the first chakra, but other than that for the first 10 days or so this stone helped me sleep better than I have in a whole year.  As soon as I attuned to the stone, it felt an immediate "lock in" and sense of well being, then off to dreamland.

I did begin notice a lot of audio chatter, though.  Not high level stuff, just noise. I tend to be fairly clairaudient anyway, but this was quite different that what I am accustomed to.  After about 2 weeks I started feeling noticeably depressed as well, and found I was having a hard time falling asleep again.  So I put the stone out of my room and sent a note out to the members of our Wisdom Circle to let them know my experience and have everybody check in.  Wow!  I would say about 90% of us were experiencing unexplained depression!

It seems that if a person is really stressed and dealing with a lot of chaos, this is a FABULOUS stone to use short term. It is very grounding and stabilizing. However-too much of a good thing is not conducive to overall balance.  If the need is there for this type of input is it wonderful, but when that balance is achieved it is time to move on to another stone for the next phase, because LSA just keeps pulling you down, down, down.

I believe that as Lake Superior continues to warm, and excess yang energies accumulate, these stones will be programmed by the waters to be more and more yang. Iron is hard and is associated with Mars. Mars is associated with anger, war, and masculine energies. Iron is also the strongest of the ferromagnetic metals, which seems to account for the relentless downward pulling action of this stone.  Iron is mined in vast quantities in Lake Superior, but that is not the only mineral being removed.  Copper and silver, both feminine, have been mined there for much longer. Copper is associated with Venus the goddess of love and all things feminine. Copper is soft, malleable, feminine. Is has a soft glow, not a hard glint. There have been copper ingots removed from Lake Superior that weigh over 26,000 pounds! So my theory is that the inherent qualities and balance of the water, combined with the rising temperatures have created an imbalance in energies that permeates the agates, since they are quartz and highly programmable.

Another very interesting bit of info I uncovered is that Lake Superior is home to a copper based stone called chlorastrolite, aka Royal Isle Greenstone. It is a variety of pumpellyte, and looks a lot like Petosky stone (another Lake Superior goodie) and Larimar had a green baby! Soft and beautiful, mostly pea sized pebbles.  It is illegal to collect them, most come from old stashes in coffee cans in someones basement. They go for about $90 a gram. I would love to feel their energy, I am betting they are very powerful and are the perfect feminine/copper compliment to LSA. I can just see a healing grid made with this combination.......

I made a gem elixir with LSA and was guided to place the bottle on a copper charging plate, with a Masaru Emoto photograph of the crystal for "healing/release". This crystalline photograph is a bit different from most in the collection, it has a warm coppery glow to it. I have not tried the elixir and it may need more balancing as time goes on, but it feels complete for now. I think the best way to work with this stone for most people will be as an elixir that has been balanced with copper or copper bearing minerals.

Yeah, right.

This stone has a lot to teach. It is not a "bad" or negative stone.  It just does what it does. Like a magnet. Used properly a magnet is a wonderful and powerful thing.  Used carelessly or improperly it can wreak havoc.  While most of us did not enjoy working with it, a minority absolutely loved it and kept it on their body constantly.  It is definitely a great companion if you are under extreme stress. But again, short term or balanced as the situation demands would be advisable, unless you are really ready to dive down deeply and work in that muck on the bottom.  It is not gentle about taking you there.  They say the treasure is at the bottom, but I would want good support if I were to work with this stone extensively on that level. LSA takes you down but it does not let go or help you back up. Not in its job description.

Many thanks to all the members of the Wisdom Circle for the help and input with this stone. Next month will be much easier, I promise!

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